maanantai 8. elokuuta 2011

Eigth of the Eigth a New Shirt Was Made

I've been surprisingly active with sewing lately... This time I turned a pile of chiffon into a shirt that was supposed to be an under-corset-shirt-thing. Yup.

And no one notices the random stuff lying on the backgrounds!
(You just zoomed into them, didn't you.)

Chiffon is a quite pretty material.. but it turned out to be much more transparent than I had thought it would. Not that the rest of it cares, but the sleeves might have liked some douple layers...

From the side.
Now one thing I learned while making this shirt is that the chiffon is indeed quite slippery material. Or then it just has a huge dislike towards the pins.

From the back.
And the hem doesn't go like that, I just didn't notice in time that it had rolled up weirdly on the mannequin..

The Sun is shining and making this look grey, but it ain't. A close-up to the sleeve.


As for the other things, I'm going to be wandering a bit around Finland this month!
This weekend I'm heading to Helsinki, to check out the amusement park Linnanmäki with my sister and to visit my good friend, whose new apartment I haven't yet seen. The weekend following that there is going to be a casino themed birthday party of lovely miss K somewhere at Mouhijärvi, and the [Häme Medieval Fair] is held the same weekend at Hämeenlinna.

A random casual look for strolling through the second-hand shops.

[Ofelia Market] is going to come to Tampere again!
So I know where I'll be 11.9.2011, and you might want to check your calendars too. They are currently seeking for sellers and performers that fit to their theme, so if you or someone you know would like to be there, contact the lovely persons in charge (the email address can be found in their blog, poke the link featured above).

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  1. Jee, Ofelia Market! <3 Siellä pitää ehdottomasti taas käydä. :)