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Casino Evening & Medieval Fair

Oh dear, oh dear.
I better make this entry already, or it's going to be a week later again!


Pink Lord and chips.

The last Friday was the day that I headed over to Mouhijärvi, a small place with more woods than houses (but lots of cows and horses as far as I have seen, rather idyllic). You see, [Miss K] resides there for most of the year, and we were going to have her birthday parties held in a rented cabin around there.

And what a major plan we had to execute in the party! I love theme parites, and this year Miss K had decided to go for a casino theme. And not only that, but she wanted to have a murder mystery held and played during the evening. Naturally all that is a bit much planning for just one person so I helped her out with it.

Miss K made these, and they were delicious~ I want to be this good too!

And the theme and the event worked wonderfully! I was a bit afraid that the quests might have had hard time to throw themselves into being the made up characters (and that's why I was very loud and more talkative than ever (fine, maybe the pink punch helped too), to help them get into the game more easily), but everyone went for it. Splendid!
We gave everyone a character with links to other characters and their possible motives for the murder, and then during 20-30min rounds they were supposed to execute the small tasks (like "you know X has been seen arguing with the dead guy, ask X about it") and with those and with interviewing themothers, to find out who it could have been and why. (K also came up with a love letter and money briefcase that the detective leading the investigation brought up during the evening.) Between the rounds were the votings, in which everyone wrote down the most likely killer.
There was also a lot of card games involved, mostly Texas Hold'em, in which the chips were involved: the one who had most at midnight got a present. I was the guy giving the cards and checking everyone's hands. And boy, was I loud, but that came with the role (right!?).

Posing with Miss K. Yay. The dress is something I wore for my graduation, I didn't find any other casino-passable dress from my wardrobe! For the lazy hair and make-up I have no excuse.

I met nice people, gave them weird nicknames and was all the way very happy.


The saturday went with sleeping and hanging around, but as the sunday dawned I headed to Hämeenlinna's Medieval Fair, accompanied by Miss K.

Belongs to the most delicious-looking things on Earth, these with topping or not. Simple, but still...!

I'd totally want to adopt everyhting they had on this table!

Nice amount of dressed-up people hanged around the place. Oh, and there was a tournament, with horses and heads flying, and one knight's hair even caugh fire...

That's one dangerous looking moat...

Since the fair was held in yard of a castle there was no way to keep us from going inside the castle as well.

Innards of "King's Hall". Pretty sailing.

I was there too, see my new pretty bright red velvet jacket? I saved it with 15e last week from a secondhand shop. I think my autumn colors are black & red this year...

I was also sporting my septumpiercethingy. Lallallalalaa.


Sorry for mammoth posting again! I'm such a loser with selecting pics. You shoud see what I left out...!

As for the other things... the 100th posting is closing, I think I'll go for a give-away thingy?

Still playing FF8, finished The Princess Bride and am watching some anime called shortly Ano Hana, that my [sis] dumped to my com.

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  1. It's indeed such a nice find! I adore it's bright red color 8D.