sunnuntai 24. heinäkuuta 2011

Sewetisew Comes Again

Well... yeah, I'd have a pile of links to advertise here again, but I'm just too anxious to get back to the Playstation ---to sleep, I ment to write!--- so make do with this fast little update.


A scary adventure into the pile of fabrics provided me with 2m of black fabric that seemed nice, yet I had no idea what it was bought for originally. But since we are in the middle of summer, I figured out that I might have some use for a pair of shorts (since I'm unshamedly overusing my knee-lenght pants in boystyles), it is a warm summer after all.

Since I'm just about getting over my pants-sewing-trauma that I got back in the school plenty of years ago, I didn't even dream about drawing the critical patterns myself. I took ready made ones of some old magazine and made long pants into shorts. And added in details and modifications and drew the patterns for this high, cut-vest waist part.

And it wasn't so awful in the end!

Next time that I'm up to making pants, I'll make knee pants, since I'm not really a shorts person in the end...

Not a very complimenting photo, but I couldn't put them on the mannequin I have...

From the side. These have big pockets too! Since the pockets are simply practical and nice to have around.

And a pic with me wearing them. They are really black, but the Sun was loving my camera settings..

One unprofessional thing that I did with these was, that I used two different reds for the lining.
Since I was using the leftover fabrics to start with, there simply wasn't enough of just one of them. But since the redder one is mostly just in the pockets and the matter red one is on the vest's lining, it's not something anyone will notice, mheh.


As for other things!
I finished playing Digital Devil Saga 2 (and wrote a pile of text about it in [here], and am going to continue Final Fantasy VIII next.
I also watched a short anime series called [Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin] with satusankari. And that anime was... ..weird mostly. I liked some of the characters, but the anime was a bit...weird. Or it started off alright, but the final three chapters were like from a different anime altogether. So it was.. ..just weird. Let's leave that there.

Also I accidently came by this game, Xenosaga, while peacefully strolling through a local game store [Game House]. Since I had been eyeing it around the Internet for a while and now found it IRL, I needed to save it right away. And it was just ~20e! Not a bad price for a game, not at all! (Expecially for a rare one with a cool special box system that I didn't remember to photograph for you.)

I also updated my jewelry box a bit, while visiting Glitter. They costed 5-7e each.
Rings, rings, rings. I just couldn't leave any of them behind. As for the black pearls necklace, I infact have one similiar already, it'll be great to combine the two of them!

3 kommenttia:

  1. The shorts+vest combo is pretty epic imo, and there should be more photos of them in coords etc.! I'm a big fan of buttons and I'll give you mad props for sewing on so many of them, must have been a lot of work.

  2. Upeat! Ja malli on yksinkertaisen hieno.
    Kiva yksityiskohta tuo punainen vuori, joka pilkistää! .D

  3. Kaino: I'm pretty sure there will be more in-use -photos later on, when I just get to wearing them for real :D.
    I too do like buttons u__u <3. Yet sewing them is indeed a pain, expecially when they tend to need those buttonholes too... And there are infact two more buttons inside the waist part, for practical reasons xD. Thankee for the comment~

    Rosemaria: Kiitos! Mustaakin vuorikangasta olisi ollut tarjolla, mutta tuo punainen vaati päästä käyttöön :).