keskiviikko 13. heinäkuuta 2011

Lumous XI

A whole weekend on road, visiting home only to pick up things and to sleep. I'm officially drained.
But did I have lots of fun!

Also! A new reader, be most welcome~


[Lumous XI] and kung fu camp were at the same weekend, which ment no sleeping for me. The thursday was all for Lumous, whereas the friday was for kung fu, at the saturday and sunday mornings I woke up early, drove car for 30min to Nokia, practiced kung fu and drove back to attend Lumous at the evening. And you may just imagine how it felt to wake up at 7:30 when you had got to bed around 3-4:00. The Lumous kept me hyped enough not to realize the lack of sleep until monday though..

(Parts of my thursday and saturday outfits.)

The bands this year weren't exactly the ones that I'd listen that much, but I had good company and I naturally loved to be surrounded by all those cool people who took part in Lumous. I stared without shame at all the interesting hair and outfit coords~

And even though I have taken part on earlier rounds of Lumous, this was my first time to attend almost everything. And to check out The End, and I can just say that it was mad and prolly the best part of the festival this year :'D. I'm already looking forwards to the next year's Lumous.

And not only is this third day afer Lumous and I'm still out of energy, but also my notorious festival shoes killed my feet and toes, and the fan kata at kung fu managed to produce a swollen bruise size of my knee to my leg. Lovely.

The saturday I strolled to the empty apartment of my grandparents who are staying at the summer house for the summer. They live closer to the fest than I do, so it took less time to take all the stuff there instead of running all the way home to get to change clothes and to shower. (I obviously had too much time, so I played around with the make up desky there, as can be seen.. *cough*)


As for some other things...

Some time ago I saved this cute jacket and the two books in the pic secondhand.
The Alice thingy I just had to buy, The Princess Bride just sounded like cute.
Also, I borrowed Goethe's Faust and Die Leiden des jungen Wethers from my friend, which I'll read after I'm finished with Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol. Before it I read a short book of the life of [Aino Kassinen] (Aino Kassinen Kertoo) and a DragonLance trilogy of Fifth Age by Jean Rabe.

Also some time ago I transferred my lazily updating drawing blog under this same blogger name. It was just too much of a bother to log into that separately. [here]

I also finally changed my backgrounds here, like it? I do.
It's by Itkupilli, to whose blog you may access from the the text "Free backgrounds by Itkupilli" at the left corner of my blog.

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