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Finncon-Animecon 2011

Two new readers! Welcome and enjoy the mad spamming! I mean.. I don't spam. At all. Ever.


This year's [Finncon-Animecon] combo took place in Turku, Finland 15.-17.7.2011. The main themes this time were myths and virtual reality.
And I naturally went there. And so did thousands of others.


We, ie. me, [satusankari], Lonlon- I mean [Namuless] and Joppon.. I mean, let's see... J, jumped into a buss and travelled all the way through the bushes and lil' towns and who knows what and finally arrived to Turku. We had already skipped the friday for practical reasons, but were definitely in for the rest of the cons.

And also, since it had been a while since I had worn ouji/kodona/younameit, I decided to wear the boystyles for the whole weekend.
Which started really well for I forgot my minitophat home...

None of us had really visited the city before, except for perhaps the harbor. Which is a bit weird since Turku is one of the Finland's biggest cities. We came prepared though, with a map, and managed to navigate to our hotel (which's name I won't mention, you'll later understand why, I don't want them to sue me!).
Since it was too early, they couldn't give us our room yet. Though insted of a room for three with an extra bed, they had changed it to two rooms for two, since they had managed to overbook themselves. Alrighty.
We left our stuff there and headed to the con area.

I ran to a pile of aquintances, tables selling who knows what stuff, listened panelists talking about apocalyptic and postapocalyptic fiction, very interesting talks about finnish scifi aboard and tried to hear a panel conversation about virtual world's of gamers, but the talker guy was apparently ill. Also, naturally, spend good time staring at cosplayers and the con people in general.

My con team at the evening of the first con day.

I was pretty lazy with the camera, just like always. This photo was taken with [Aristosa's] camera, and I stole it, thank you~

Shirt & Shoes - secondhand // Pants - F+F // Cameo Brooch - Bijou Brigitte // Everything Else - random

When we got back to the hotel again, we got our rooms. And the other of them was a one person room... Alright, bring in the extra bed then! If it fits... And they gave me a very suspicious and yucky looking mattress. Bravely J gave them few selected words about this all, and they gave us some money back to make up the mess. On the good side, the hotel person was very friendly and quite understanding.
The room became quite packed after we placed the mattress and our stuff in it:

Even though the pillow was flat as a slice of cheese, my mighty leopard printed blanket was muffy and made of awesome.

After the long day, one might be feeling a bit hungry... So we visited a local japanese restaurant, [Hanko Sushi] and ate some delicious food~

Everyone has eaten? Good. Back to the hotel.
We spend most of the evening laughing to satusankari's and Lonlon's hotel room. That place had surely been a bathroom in it's previous life. A life it must have had not so very long ago. It was a downright horrible room, with broken lamp, unblugged fridge, foil covered pipes, and oh gah that's not a sock on that pipe, right?! And they didn't have a TV which every room was supposed to have. And many other things, but these should already give you the pic.
No? Then try this:

Yeah, right.
We also amused ourselves with card games, and shared an uncool, but delicious mudcake and packed ourselves to my and J's tiny room to watch some TV.
Even after all that the clock was hardly 23:00, but we were off to sleep. Early morning got it's toll on us.

The night didn't go too well, for the air in the room grew really bad. I felt like it was slightly hard to breath and therefore needed to open the window for a while at 3:00, and with such a creaking that J woke up, but fell luckily back to sleep right away. Outside some guys yelled like they were in middle of a football match and then some groupie of people speaking a really wide turku accent camped exactly under our window.

Alright! Feeling fresh and rested? Good, let's go for the new day!
After a very simple breakfast at the hotel's corridor area, we made our way back to the con area. And infact managed to get lost on the way there.

More cosplayers and coners to stare, making rerounds around the counters, listened about crazy old scifi comics and watched kendo show and so on.

An awesome FF VII groupie. They got stuck posing for a madly long time since everyone wanted a photo of them.

They had Rude too! A real bald Rude! That's awesome.

Riku and Sora from Kingdom Hearts. Ain't they just cute~

This one even had that funny voice system. Cool thing.

These two did some great job as well. The girl -yes, girl- on the left had very respectable looking beard too. Oh yup.

After we finally left the con area, we visited a local subway to eat some tasty breads and then headed to [Turku Cathedral], which was just around a corner. And there we went all turisty with our cameras.

The old architecture is always a cool thing.

I don't think [this fella] really appreciated the attention we gave him. Or maybe he was just a bit shy...

Outfit today:
Shirt & Shoes - secondhand // Pants - F+F // Everything Else - Random

Wha? Do I look like I'm bothering that poor girl?

I bother absolutely no one. No, no. (J's eyes: "Help mee..")

A giant leap to the unknown...

Well, since it seemed like a building big enough to fit my ego, I decided to move in...

...but for some reason they didn't like the idea there. Maybe it was because the stony fella didn't want me as his neighbour? Or maybe it's because I'm from Tampere (Turku's nemesis city)...?

Adventures at Aura River. Oddly none of us dropped to the water.

All in all it was a rather nice con thing. And Turku seemed like a nice city, with more to explore, and very likely lots of things to photograph. But if and when I come back... I'll try some other hotel! xD

These things followed me home:
The program, all kinds of papers and cards, the final volume of Kaori Yuki's Angel Sanctuary and [Cloudberry Lady's] pretty print bag.

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