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Beautiful Garments and Darth Vader

From the depths, the oh so dark feeling rises. The feeling so unresistable and overwhelming, the feeling that makes you.... want to spend all your money on beautiful things!

Right, so, my Firefox is swarmed with windows and subwindows filled with links that I wanted to share with you. So I will put some of them here.


[Lovechild Boudoir]

If someone thinks that the name sounds familiar, you might not be wrong, since I mentioned their Etsy sites in one of the older entries, but since then they have opened their own sites (and for now, it seems, their Etsy sites aren't working).
Lovechild Boudoir serves beautiful bustle skirts, dresses, shrugs etc in gothic, steampunky and vintage sort of ways. And beautiful ones they are, indeed. (And, according to the News sites, they have been featured in Vogue, great job!)
They also mention to be very eco-friendly business, using pre-loved things as well as new fabrics and trimmings of which most are produced locally (Yorkshire, UK). All of the pieces sold are hand-made by the designer herself or one of her machinists.

At their sites I'd recommend absolutely to pay a visit to the Gallery. Fabulous pictures radiating inspiration.

Such an awesome hairdo! *donotthinkofkatamaridonot*


[Kirsi Nisonen]

This one I came by while reading the finnish ELLE. I just needed to find out more..

Caps, turbans, headeater-ribbons and other head garments by a finnish designer Kirsi Nisonen.
The quality of these items is great and like any finnish design, if you want them you have to pay a bit more than for just another hat from H&M.
The amount of designs that the online shop (which isn't the most customer friendliest that I have come by) lists seems -at the moment at least- to be a bit limited, but still offering my favorite from her, the sailor cap. The online shop is in english. The payment can be made by Paypal and Wire Transfer and in Finland, also by postal order. Nisonen's items are sold in variety of finnish shops too, as is listed on the sites.


And this surely isn't a shop, but a reason to envy those living in Washington:

Did you know that they have Darth Vader in one of their cathedrals? And not just any cathedral, but the Washington National Cathedral, which is the sixth biggest cathedral in the world.

And how did Darth Vader end up in one of the cathedral's towers then?
Well, back in the 1980's there was a competition held, for the children, in which a drawing of Darth Vader just happened to win (of course he did). And there he went, up to the tower as one of the cathedral's grotesques and since then the Washington's National Cathedral has been able to boast about having the world's only Darth Vader statue in a religious building. Now that's something you have to see when visiting the city.

Just to make sure that you are able to spot Vader, the official sites of the cathedral offer some [advice].

Now ain't he cute lil Vader~

Oh yeah, and this statue type is called "grotesque", which is not to be confused with gargoyles. The significant difference being, that if Vader was a gargoyle, he would be spouting water.

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