maanantai 4. heinäkuuta 2011

Baldovino Barani Photography

Baldovino Barani

is fashion photographer whose stunning works are the reason to love the fashion photography. These photos are magnificent, storytelling, surprising and stunning. Black and white, simple or complex colors, bright colors and just every kind of combination he chooses works splendidly, as does every piece he comes up with.

In the official sites, it's also stated that Barani is about to enter the fashion world as a designer in year 2012 with his fashion label Baldovino Barani Atelier. I'm looking forward to that.

[Official sites]
[The Iconoclast -blog]

(Alice? Not quite. But that's what I thought when I first time saw this, mheh.)

To see more of these beauties, please check the official sites.


Two new readers! Welcome~


As for other things...

Flu attacked me from out of blue, and now I'm horribly out of energy.
And I need a new layout for this blog, will happen in near future.
Therefore, I'll be back later, now to adventure in the final dungeon of Digital Devil Saga 2.

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  1. Whoah, so... dreamy! :O Me likes, especially that last photo. I love how the hem of her dress look almost see-through and water-like.

  2. That word exactly =w=.
    It was so hard to choose which photos to feature, there was so many of them!