maanantai 20. kesäkuuta 2011

A Week, Another Week, And Then...

Not so long ago this time, I went to check out a [SYN/\PSI] event (called Dark Summergathering) with one of my oldest (old as in known for longest ;p) friends. We pretty much joined in with a fellow blogger [Ravenoaris] and her boyfriend for the evening.
All in all, I enjoyed the event greatly (despite my right foot that I had managed to kill some days earlier). Can't wait to the beginning of the next month, for then it's time for [Lumous Gothic Festival XI].
(The only downside is that I'll be running and drinking energy drinks for the whole weekend, since our kung fu camp takes place the very same time as Lumous. Ugh! But I have no heart to miss neither of them.)

And this is my outfit for the event. I just couldn't get a decent shot while wearing them -__-.
(Some random said I looked like a pin-up girl. Just what in these looks like pin-up? Maybe it was due my glasses...)

Studded bag - secondhand// Feather hair accessory - gift // Studded bracelet - Backstreet // Ribbon hairclipthing - Glitter // Spider earrings - Seppälä // Striped skirt - Lip Service // Minijacket - hand-made // Black Top - H&M

Yup. Disasterous as ever.
I'll try to be better from now on.. And to try doesn't mean I will be better!
On the left is a casual look with pinstriped, long jacket, collar shirt, hat and so on.
On the right is me almost finished with the off-to-SYN/\PSI -look.
(Nude face vs make-up face, haha.)

And that pretty much summarizes up my material shoppings for the last few weeks. I do like buttons, yes. And am going to use them too.

I also bought a book about tattooing (The Ultimate Tattoo Bible) and shoes for kung fu's outdoors training. For during the summer time, we practice on a grassfield. And since it's just about next to a beachside, there are lots of sunbathers and hang-arounds during the summer (oh joy), and I just don't feel too comfortable about practising there bare footed. You don't know what's under and amongs the grass. (PARANOID)

toriyaki chicken
coke and macha milk

One of the things I look forwards while visiting a good restaurant is how the food is placed on the plate. I like my food pretty, yes.
I visited [Maruseki] with [satusankari] and [Miss K]. Delicious japanese food.

My dessert, the macha milk, managed to fall on this dress I was borrowing from satusankari. No huge harm done, but why am I always the one in the group whose drink falls?! And half of the time it's on someone else. Yup, be careful around me if I'm about to drink. Even if it's just water.

And now my money is heading towards Lumous tickets and Potter 7 part 2 movie ticket (the pre-sales start today, oh dear, oh dear). If anything is left over that will go to (ICE CREAM) update my game collection. Some delicious games have been waiting for me/ were released a little while ago/ are going to be released soon. Sigh, and I had just found some delicous dresses and jewelry... well, I guess I need to just spam this blog with cute things (to make your money to disappear too! HAHAHA. World domaination here I come! ...what did that have to do with anything..)


Two new readers? I'm on fire now! I mean... Welcome and I hope you both will find interesting things to read and to look upon.
(Heeey, I know you Silkuchu! HAA-ha! And Glenny has some awesome pink hair!
I love how blogs allow me to stalk people.. I didn't just write that, nope. But we all like to stalk people through their bloggings, don't we.)

Maybe I should celebrate? 33 is a cool number after all. But I didn't plan anything cool.. So I'll come up with something when I'm making the 100th post then! That's just behind a corner already, oh dear...

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  1. Oooooooooh buttons! And delicious foods, in the same post! Why did I never know Maruseki's turned THAT awesome, whyyyyy, now it'll take ages before I can visit them again. :(

  2. Aye~ Buttons are very lovely and handy things to have around :3.
    Well then you HAVE TO visit Maruseki when you are back in Finland! Sadly they turned a bit more expensive on the way too. But the food is delicious, no doupt~