perjantai 10. kesäkuuta 2011


Alright you annying leftoverfabrics that have piled up! I have turned you already into a purse and a pen case, and there is still more of you left?!

Sadly ,for this needed some patterns drawn, I didn't do a tutorial out of it.

So! There was a good amount left of these two fabrics and I was running low with ideas, so one energetic night I sliced it all up, into many long, asymmetric shreds.. and sewed them back together again.

I guess I had a weird corset sort of shirt in my mind, but as I woke up next morn--- day, I realized that there was way too little fabric for that and so the thing laid on my corners for a while and then I took it up again and cut it some more, but now to form this minijacket.

It was originally supposed to have a collar and short puffsleeves, but there wasn't enough fabric left (first it won't end and then there is too little of it? My luck..).
That wasn't the only trouble I got into with this, no, my sewing machine broke down (jammed). And I needed to turn it to a shop for repair. Luckily I got it back only few days after.
...Guess what happened then? The machine kept biting its own needle and cutting my thread. ARGH. But that was only for the needle had bent. I just didn't come to think of that immediately, for the repairer said he changed the needle to a new one while checking all through.
After a short headdesking, I was finnished with this. It didn't come out too well, but I guess I can use it now and then anyway.

So that black fabric is done for. The fabric inside...well, there is still some of it around here.
And ofcourse, these two ain't the only leftovers I have... not even close. We shall fight again...


As for other things: it's way hot here, over 30'C. I'm close to melting, but ice cream tastes wonderful.
SYN/\PSI is soon, sadly the same day as KINA is having a gig.. (17.6.)
Also, I'm totally out of money, who robbed me? (I have a feeling that Ebay might have something to do with this...)

2 kommenttia:

  1. I have mad love for that mini jacket! If you still want to add puffsleeves you could consider something lighter, like black chiffon or something of the sort. But it works beautifully without sleeves as well and sits on you very nicely.

    Btw I totally know the feeling of fabric scraps everywhere. I only moved to this country less than a year ago almost without fabrics at all, and by June I'm already drowning in tiny bits of this and that that I just might need one day and therefore cannot throw away...

  2. Hee, thankee <3.
    And that sounds like a very tempting idea! If I come around to correct the mistakes with the inner fabric and sleeves, I might indeed try that out. Or then just make a better one altogether xD.

    They must be planning a world domination, those pieces of fabrics. That'd explane this...
    And that's exactly my reason too for keeping them around. "I just might be able to do something out of this"... Now that they are bursting out of their boxes very untidily I have tried to come up with stuff to make out of them..