keskiviikko 15. kesäkuuta 2011

Mert Otsamo Design

Just because I wasn't sleeping one night and strolled all around checking what's new with interesting finnish designers.


Mert Otsamo Design

This young man is a self taught designer whose work is all about strong shapes, details, tailoring and dramatic looks. He has been making clothes since he was 15 years old (he was (is?) an awesome cosplayer, seriously) and in the age of 18 he entered Finland's first Project Runway TV show and was one of the finalists.
(If it had been up to me, he would have been the winner, for his collection was epic and beautiful.)

As for today, he has released two collections, Metropolis (2010) and Strong After (2011), both of which are very impressive.

[Official Sites]
[Facebook pages] for latest news.
[Video] of Metropolis' show.

Few photos from Metropolis collection (from official sites):

The official sites didn't yet have photos of the newest collection, but I managed to find these nevertheless (love you Interenet~):
From Iltalehti -magazine's sites, where you may also find a finnish article of the show [click here] to get to it.

From FASH WITH R -blog, which's writer was present in the show and has more photos from it, to read the post go [here].
(Very pretty dresses. The white and the black one remind me strongly about the movie Black Swan, mheh.)

Keep an eye on the official sites for the photos of the whole collection.

During Project Runway, the photo from [here] (finnish). Aww, look now, such a pretty and talented boy^^.

As is pretty obvious: I love his style and the materials he uses in his works. And he is just 20 years now, and that's so young. I can't wait to see how his career develops~.


As for other things
I beated Digital Devil Saga's first part and wrote randomly about it in [here], started the next part of the game, and was introduced to a new band called [Deadwinter's Child], which is playing majorly epic melodic metal.

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  1. Whoa, Mert on kieltämättä loistava. Tykkäilin kovasti Project runwayssa.

    Mutta pakko udella, mitä kautta tutustuit DWChen? Ihan vaan siksi, että oon laulajan virallinen bändäri eiku siis bändin kuvaaja :D

  2. Samoin :).

    Hehe, no mie tunnen semmosen Jessen, joka puolestaan tuntee Marleenan, joka tuntee viulun. Sattui esittelemään bändin tuossa viikko siiten.