maanantai 9. toukokuuta 2011


Ah, who is a fast happy blogger, who is ... *talktoacutepuppyvoice*



Today there was a happy piknik thing with these three:
Jacket & Shirt & Shoes & Tophat & Clock Necklace - secondhand // Vest & Bird Cage Necklace & Pocketwatch - Gifts // Collar - selfmade // Pants - F+F

Epic walking.. oh, not us, but the two who walk ahead of us of course.

(I sat on one like that while taking the pic. I'm very respectable person again.)



My cousins daughter's birthday party (two years old, lovely kiddo). I'm her godmother (and I should try to be a better one too, ahhaha...).

But no mighty load of photos from this day:

Jacket - secondhand // Necklace & Jacket's Patches - Nitrobabe // Vest & T-Shirt - H&M // Purse - GinaTricot

...I also had a skirt and pink leggings, just can't remember where they were bought from, but since you don't see them, the info ain't too relevant.


I also got my stomach to ache while eating too much candy while reading James Clavell's Tai-Pan, managed to bruise my own leg while waving kung fu fan around and got beaten by a group of demons in DDS. Damn. Game Overs in a tunnel run? No way. Revenge shall follow.

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