torstai 26. toukokuuta 2011


Hellou, it's spring alright -no, wait, is it summer already? Pretty lazy one, using my time mostly by wasting it, training kung fu and harassing summer job applications. Happy.


Black/pink wedges. This years summer shoes were just as unpractical as last years. Ouch. But cute as anything, ain't they.
15e secondhand (originally from H&M).

A Pentagram necklace, I just couldn't resist it when I saw it. Even though I'm not a great fan of colors like bronze and gold.
Propably around 15e, from another blogger. ( [This] pretty lady.)

They decided to start teaching me kata's of Vuong ton cong tu, ie. a fan. I'm happy with this, for it's quite light (unlike some of the swords and spears): I'm no good with heavy things -__-. And ain't it pretty.
I first used a fan of our group, but since I feared to end up breaking it, I ordered this.

I'm practicing Thíêu Lâm -kung fu, which is based on traditional chinese Shao Lin -kung fu.
For more info you can check our [website] (finnish).

The "gloves" or "sleeves" on the background were bought due their print. Pretty crosses, hurrdurr. Backstreet 5e.
The scary heart eyed skull with crossbones for my patch jacket. Backstreet 1e.
Blue nail enamel, Seppälä around 3-5e. Can't remember, shame on me.

Two books from few weeks ago that I saved while bringing in some of my dad's old chess books.
I also saved a part of Wheel of Time series again, but it was so neatly in my bookshelf that I didn't pull it out for a photo.

And whose idea was to take one Wheel of Time in english and split it into three parts in finnish?! Screw you, they cost a lot and take more space than is legal. But they do look pretty.
I ended up starting to buy them in finnish, and realized their... endlessness too late to -without pain- change in buying them in english instead. They could have used smaller print and lighter pages and kept a book as one instead of three. I say it again: screw you.
(It's also so long since I read them through, that I ain't even sure if I like them still as much as to give them that much space in my lodgings. ..then again, they are pretty...)

These I saved just today.
The black shirt has cute sleeves and it fits perfectly into my aristo coords. And it costed me only 4e, secondhand again. And in mint condition. Ha. I might fancy to put some special buttons on it perhaps..
The book is a nice addition to my reference book collection. Lots of nice photos. It's price 7e, though since I was bringing in my mother's detective story books, I didn't need to pay anything for it myself.



As for other things..
I finished Clavell's Tai-Pan, and watched it also as a movie (from a VHS, ooold xD).
Started Dragonlance's The Dawning of a New Age by Jean Rabe.
Still hunting the optional bosses of Digital Devil Saga.

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  1. Hyvä että koru miellytti! Ja kivoja kirjoja sulla siellä <3

  2. Kyllä vain, kerrassaan mainio koru ^^.
    Ja kiitos, kirjat on rakkaus <3.