lauantai 28. toukokuuta 2011

Interesting Links

From the depths of a room organization day hails the lazy person who seems to have a natrual talent for distracting itself...

I have few tumblr sites that I have stumbled upon and now is just the perfect moment to share them.


[Fuck Yeah, Tattoos!]

Tumblr sites that have numerous new tattoos daily from all around the globe.
I have a huge soft spot for cool tattoos and I hope you will find these sites as interesting as I do.

Few photos from them:


[Porcelain Princes]

A tumblr site with fitting name, containing pictures related to ouji style.
A relatively new tumblr, but hopefully it will have a great flourishing future ahead.

Few pics from their sites:


[Kitschy Living]

Unbelievable amounts of more and more odd things. As they put it: "If it's tacky, ugly, quirky or wonderful, you'll find it here."
Delightful stuff, and colorful. Mheh.

(Thanks to [satusankari] for this link xD.)

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  1. That's a really pretty picture of Norway! And the tattoos are indeed cool.