sunnuntai 1. toukokuuta 2011

An Enfant Terrible Meetup & Saving Things

Right! I'm running late with my updates again! This meetup here was 16.4. or something, and I'm making this entry... weeks late. Whops.

Err, I think it was just an general meetup, without a bigger theme this time. We walked around Tampere to find good locations for happy photos and ended up sitting in Wayne's Coffee and talking for hours.
Few new faces again, lot's of people I had already met. Time nicely spend, etcetc.


I totally idolized her curls: you could pull them and they jumped back (and in my imagination they said "bojojoingg" too).

My outfit was:
Vest & Jacket - secondhand // Tophat - Secondhand antique // Camee - Lace- "Tie" - Seppälä // Final Fantasy VII Ring & Necklace - con souveniers // Collarshirt & Gloves - Offbrand // Shoes - Aaltonen

Also managed to get this very respectable looking aristo to pose with me.

I then again... can't keep looking clever for too long.

I'm very respectable, very resp---!


Saved the pretty ribs & heart necklace from Backstreet.
The Backstreet in Tampere is leaving, so they sell everyhting with -20% and more.
I'm planning to save at least one dread fall thingy still, they look so nice (and I look like I'd have lots of hair on my head).

These two are secondhand pieces, 3e & 4e.
The one on the left I bought for it's going to be summer again, which means no jackets, and well, I love long sleeves (also when worn you can't see if I have gotten few bruises at kung fu , ahhaha). It's light and the sleeves have nice looks. Not made form my favorite material, but will do.
The one on the right fits perfetcly and has a beautiful neckline. Also, I have had an urgent need for this kind of garments. It's pretty u_u~.
Oh, and both naturally black, even though the photo shows them rather grey.


As for other things:

I need to dye my hair again! Aaargh.
I need to buy some knee high socks, black. All have been worn to grey and worny.
I need to go to see a barber, my hair is all overgrown and yucky.

I also need to clean up my room again (it loves to fall into chaos all the time), part with some stuff to make more room, update this weekends stuff here, practice piano and play more GAMES *love*. Err. (Now playing Digital Devil Saga, just 'cos you really wanted to know u__U'.)

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