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Dance of the Vampires - Vampyyrien Tanssi

The mighty musical, Dance of the Vampires - Vampyyrien Tanssi, is taking place in Finland this autumn and as if I could go on without mentioning it in this blog. (I was supposed to make this post ages ago, but I never got 'round to it.)


The musical is based on Roman Polanski's film called The Fearless Vampire Killers (or Pardon Me, But Your Teeth Are in my Neck), a comedy horror film from year 1967, originally titled Dance of the Vampires. The musical is written by Michael Kunze and it's musics are composed by Jim Steinman. The show's premiere took place in Vienna, Austria 1997 under the name Tanz der Vampire (directed there and then btw by Polanski).

The music is described to be beautiful, filled with gothromance and rock.

The story is set in the late 19th century Transylvania. Somewhere there is small village with garlics hanging all around the houses and people. As professor Abronsius and his young assistant Alfred come around in search for evidence of the existence of vampires, the villagers deny all the knowledge of those nightly creatures.
Soon as the two arrive, things start to happen. Alfred has his eyes on Sarah, the beautiful daughter of the innkeeper, yet he ain't the only one for Count Von Krolock, a vampire, has set his eyes on the girl too. And as the count lures Sarah to his place, the vampire hunt begins.

There are music, dancing, dresses, vampires and all sorts of mighty epicness. How could you ever go and miss something like that? The Answer: You just can't.

The theatre in question is located in Seinäjoki, Finland.
There is two previews 8.9. and 9.9.2011, the premiere 10.9.2011 (sold out) and the normal shows start 16.9.2011.
The tickets:
adults 38.00e
students 28.00e.

The theatre's sites (finnish only) [here].
Dance of The Vampires in [Wikipedia].
A link to the song Gott ist Tot in [Youtube],
because me and blogger had a small disagreement with uploading the video right in here.

Also here is a Facebook page of the finnish production in english [click].
Thanks for this link tip to [Valancy]!


They better do this well, those Seinäjoki people, I love theatre and musicals, so they better be all in with this~

(The greatest piece I have seen so far must be Cyrano De Bergerac (performed in Tampere, Finland), I loved it in many ways and I was in tears when it ended, and it has been the only play where I would have loved to stand up to applause had I dared and later greatly regretted that I didn't, for as I looked around I realized I wasn't the only one greatly affected by it (so they would have very likely followed my example).
There is many great pieces but I'll save you from the mass of text I could put in here.)

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  1. luota vaan Seinäjokeen, kyllä me täällä musikaalit osataan :D Rocky Horror Showkin pyöri 90-luvulla yleisön pyynnöstä kahteenkin otteeseen ja oli älyttömän suosittu, puhumattakaan Pienestä Kauhukaupasta, Muukalaisia Yössä:stä tai Titanicista. Dance of the Vampiresin tulee ohjaamaan sama heppu joka ohjasi Seinäjoen Rocky Horrorin :)

  2. Aivan loistavaa, kumpa olisi tullut nähtyä nuo sun luettelematkin :D.

  3. There's also an international FB page for the production in English, it might interest your international readers. :-)

  4. Oh, thank you! I'll edit that in right away :D.