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A Trip to Tallinn

Hellou, I was supposed to post stuff earlier, but after the fateful cruise on the small puddle between Finland and Estonia, I fell victim to a flu for five days.
I was totally out of any kind of energy and just tried to swallow my pillow whole for the whole week, but now I'm back to the business!

And therefore, new readers! Welcome, have fun~


So! One of my friends turned 22 at the start of April, and we went with a small group to a cruise to celebrate her. The trip also included a trip to Tallinn, Estonia's capital city.
I propably don't need to say that we didn't really sleep that night, I and L staying up the longest.. which was *cough*clever*chough* since I really wanted to get to see the old part of Tallinn with its pretty buldings. So after two-three hours of sleep I managed to drag myself and miss K up and out~

I'd have wanted to take mighty artistic photos, but since we had only few hours time we ended up just snapping tourist photos all over. Here, have few:

Being a tourist.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, areth thee there?

That's not a church, That's a chocolet-cream cake. Trust me *chough*.

Now that's not an omnious looking building at all.

We climped a whole lot of stairs and ended up in the grounds of this... castle? No idea what it was, but there we were.

Why does that remind me of a thing where the noose hangs, huh..

A bad hair day is a bad hair day also in Estonia. My fever started to rise while we were running around here. You can imagine it didn't feel too good, especially after I had slept only few hours.


And yeah, we were on the ship too. But I'll spare you from that goofing around.
Therefore make do with this photo of me and Miss K. For a reason unknown the whole group of us were shooting Breezer advertisement photos in the corridor.

Now that's scary.


It was a nice trip, though I'd have loved to have more time to storm around Tallinn (and without fever).
And since this became such a long spammage, I'll babble more of other things in another post.

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