tiistai 19. huhtikuuta 2011

Playing Around

Ah, did you miss my long face yet?
Me and Miss K decided to have some photoshooting done today-- no, it's yesterday already. And managed to do that too.

Under the burning spring Sun that wants to make the faces white and featureless, and where the shaddows are merciless, two fearless warriors of finnish wastelands rise their hands and...

their cameras. Now have some happiness.


Shoes - Demonia // Skirt - Indian Bazaar // Top - H&M // Jacket - Secondhand // Cross Necklace - Asplund // Mini Tophat - Gift // Ring - Kalevala // Star Earrings - Nitrobabe // Ribcase Necklace, Dreadlock Falls - Backstreet

We were already leaving (went to eat at [Captain Hook], oh yum, the unhealhty wings~), when I insisted that I just had to have few photos with round sunglasses and that graffiti wall we passed by. I love the epicness of the round sunglasses. I would just need ones with proper lenses, I have a bit weak eyes after all..


Miss K, aka Katri Pajukoski, is 21 years old selftaught photographer. Her specialities lay in horse photography, while also taking wonderful photoshoots of humans and not leaving a pretty buildings/scenaries without attention when spotting them. One of those natural talents that never leave home without a camera, and walk the Earth with a camera in one hand and a cup of coffee in another.

So if you are feeling like you never got enough attention from the camera, and just happen to be around Finland, don't fear to contact this sweet person with your quests and questions through mail: katri@clayr.net.
She loves to snap her camera at people, so don't hesitate.

General Photosite of hers, click [here].
For her DeviantArt sites, head [here].


If you still feel like watching my face even more (ohhoho, as if), you can see the rest of the shoot [here]. There is also few photos of Miss K, like the two just featured, that I took of her with her adorable superninjacamera.

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