torstai 7. huhtikuuta 2011

For Inspiration

In the darkness of a calm night, a shadow comes forth and passes.
As you follow it you find yourself looking at...

Cool pictures!


[Sex, vintage and Royals] is a tumblrthing that posts old pics and photos. From victorian things to burlesque kind of things. Actresses and actors, royals, so on, so on. I found the page while strolling around for old photos, who knows for what dark plans (it's quite some time ago, was waiting some fitting occasion to feature the link here). Visit if having too much time. I mean, if you'd like to spend some quality time with pictures. Ehm.


[666 Photography] is the other guys I stumbled upon, and only few days ago this time!
It's a company specialized in retro/vintage photography with mighty costumes and set-ups. The company is lead by its photographer who also makes the costumes, props and most of the styling by herself. And of that I'm very jealou--- I mean. Whoa, she is really good.
Do check out their gallery, expecially the High Concept folder. Some really amazing props and costumes there.

I'll feature here the photos that lured me to their sites to begin with:




As for mighty me, I went to see Sonata Arctica and they were sweet, cheered for Kina in a band competition and they were aggressively energetic like always, and today I clapped my hands for Semmarit and they were pure fun. Tomorrow I'm supposed to be off to the open sea. I better not be late... but I have tons of things to do tomorrow before the take off! Not to mention that I didn't have time to even start packing today.. oh deer.

Any attempts on outfit shots ended up horrid.
...and who idiot would put their blurred, silly face photo right after those fantastic muerta girls? o'course! Ahhahahha.
But I came to my senses on the read-through and decided to torture your very lovable eyes some other time.

Yes, it's time to say good nights again. This captain is going to set sailing now~

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