keskiviikko 30. maaliskuuta 2011

Was And Went: part 1

Uhoh, it's spring again. There are mountains of stuff to think about and to solve.
But since one must remember to forget reality once and again: let's have a blog post here.


Alright, a week ago I went to Maruseki, a local japanese restaurant, with two of my friends. (Delicious food, yet my dessert was too healthy for me. Never trust a dessert that has 'healhty' in it's description.)

My first plan was to loom around in a victorian-gothic-kinda-stuff:
(Sorry for the face and hair, no excuses though.)
..until someone pointed to me that I'm only going to get soaked through and through because of the wet weather. FINE. Let' seek for something shorter but something that has the same feeling in it, since no way I'm getting myself out of the corset immediately after I got myself in it.

And then I found ...this:
Some ages ago I sewed that after watching pics of pretty gothic lolitas, and well, used it perhaps three times? Ahhaha.

Have a zoom:
I remember that putting the elastic bands to the back of the waist was quite a pain... Four rows, mheh.
Oh, but anyway:
Skirt & Petticoat - selfmade // Shirt - got from grandmother // Velvet Corset - second hand // Silver Necklaces - gifts // Cross Necklace - selfmade // cameo earrings - Bijou Brigitte

I also wore a bright red jacket from Spiritstore and a small, black top hat (gift), but there wasn't any clever enough looking picture with them (if these are rated clever enough, you can just imagine what the rest looks like...)

There is the jacket! Right behind me in this awful mirror shot xD!
Alright, sorry for that, again.


In order to avoid mammoth posting, I'll make a part two of the other adventure and of the shopping..

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