maanantai 14. maaliskuuta 2011


First of all: New readers!
Thy arth most welcome~


Just a shopping post, since stuff has appeared during the weeks.

There is still some winter left to survive...
The jacket is of a more beautiful red, but my camera failed to caputre the real colour. The fabric is wonderfully soft, and the buttons are cool, detailed ones. I also got 15% off the price since I needed to sew the buttons on by myself.. From Spiritstore.

Two secondhand Narutos and a part of Dragonlance, that completed my trilogy.

The second part of the hack. ps2 game and the official game guide to Final Fantasy X from Huuto.

An accidentally bought short jacket, don't say a thing. (I was going around with only studdsstuddssstuddsmoreestudds in my head, and .. ... I wonder if I can turn it to some of my friends, ahhahah. Let's just forget that now.)
Secondhand, from Radiokirppis. As is the t-shirt next to it.

A cute shaped purse, 3e, second hand.
A big necklace, ~8e, Lindex (75% off from this and some other relatively nice looking accessories).
A stud bracelet, 7,90e, Backstreet.


Have a random, bad, and zombish(ie) photo, from who knows where:
Toes! No, don't see them!
Shirt & vest - secondhand // Skirt - Indian Bazaar // Cross necklace - Asplund

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