lauantai 5. maaliskuuta 2011

A Gothic Kodona Day -And Other Days

Alllright, I have been off a bit. And honestly saying the time I could have been writing here, I have been... Playing like a maniac (that i might be)! I finished Lucifer's Call (aka Nocturne) and started to swirl through Final Fantasy 7. I love video games and sometimes... you just have to play them every day u___u'.

Ah, but, today. I woke up in a hurry, for I was to attend a theatre piece with my sister and our parents. And after that we went to have a fancy dinner at a frenchy sort of restaurant. And I'm proud to be able to say I was brave enough to eat snails. I did stare at them awkwardly first, but they were fine. The whole place was fine, yes, and had extremely good service. And finally a restaurant where the portions are of a reasonable size. (Ie. I was able to finish them all. Usually I'm stuffed already in the half way through..) The restaurant's name is Tiilihovi, sites [here].
Sad thing was, I was a little bit ill today. Coughing and sniffing.

I got to taking the outfit shot but at the evening, so the natural light... was gone. Have a yellow pic. And due the technical problems it's a bad pic alltogether. Make do with this -__-.

Shirt & Jacket - off brand // Pants - F+F // Tophat - second hand antique // Cross Necklaces - gifts // Skull Necklace - Europe House // Edited Dagger Earring - Backstreet

No make-up, as I said, I was in a mighty hurry. I infact crapped the jackets and accessories while running to the door... Sometimes I'm really grateful for having relatively good skin. (Though it's so light, you can see my blood veins and shadows under eyes pretty easily.)


And I have had fun with my wardrope the other days too. Have some madness from the late few weeks:

I went to see Tangled with [satusankari], [Namuless] and [Miss K].
While waiting for the movie to start, we went to hang around [American Diner].
(They have great sandwiches there. I love them for celebrating Halloween by decorating the place and offering special menus. Haha.)
And the movie was cute, as you might be able to imagine. I have a soft spot for Disney movies u__u.

Err, what I wore then.. well, I wanted to dress up with lots of weird stuff at once, so that I did:
Shirt, Jacket, Skirt, Studded Bag, Bullet Belt - second hand // Jacket's Patches - Nitrobabe // Waistcorset, Chain Necklace - Borrowed // Skull Scarf - Indian Bazaar // Skull Cupcake Necklace - gift // Hair Accessories - Gift & Nitrobabe

Not a coord I'd usually wear, but it was fun. Oh and the bag was sold without any strap to hang it from so I stole one from one of my bondage pants and attached it to the bag. And hanged the whole thing from the skirt's belt loops. Like a... cool bum bag. Haha.


A coord from yesterday, when I went to see Black Swan with few friends:

Dress, Under Skirt - second hand // Sleeveless Nightwish Hoodie - Nightwish Shop // Shoes - Aaltonen

Usually I use these shoes only with some dandy/aristo coords, but I guess they are looking good with other stuff too.

Yeah, no heads, I see. Well, just so that you won't miss my surely handsome face, have this:
What the H--?! Yeah, no idea. Can't take it seriously with the cam. I mean.. I was shooting my face... And felt silly. Arharhar. Sorry. I had to include that pic.
(If I had some vampire fangs, this would have been cooler. Now I'm staying dorky.)

Auf Wiedersehen,
until we meet again.

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