lauantai 26. maaliskuuta 2011

Etsy Adventures

I made an excursion to Etsy (why does one do such a suicidical actions, who knows, sigh), and after 120 pages of any -and every- thing with a "gothic" tag, I'll give you some of the most brainmelting things.

Pretty jewelry with gothic and steampunky touch from Poland.
International shipping, payments accepted through PayPal, Visa, WU, Discover.

[KMK Design]
A very talented mother daughter duo from US, Minnesota, brings us fancy shirts, skirts and bridal gowns in Neo-Victorian/gothic style.
They ship worldwide and take payments through Paypal, MasterCard, aso.
They have also sites outside Etsy, find them [here].

Have to love the beautiful sales photos. They make one really want it all.

"Alternative Fashion style, rockabilly, gothic, fetish, burlesque, steampunk, glamour couture."
Yeah, why take just one when you can have it all. Also having an online shop [here].
Worldwide shipping, payments with PayPal only.

[Lovechild Boudoir]
My favorite of the ones included in this post, I'll just let the photos talk for themselves.
From UK, ships internationally and accepts PayPal only.

I love the horns in these.. I mean the costumes!... Err, well, pretty photos, eh?

Can I have this skirt-corset-combo in my life?


As for other things, I'll make a new post after I get some photos transferred to the com. And now back to play; I'm half way through FF7 (with a lvl 82, ahhaha).

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  1. Ngggggghhh that skirt + corset combo makes me make grabby hands at my laptop screen. I love stripes and I love corsets and and and ooohhh wide ribbons, ooooohhh that choker...

  2. Kaino: *nodnod* I felt exactly the same when I saw it, so beautiful u___u <3.

    satusankari: aye *W*.