torstai 31. maaliskuuta 2011

Was And Went: part 2

And then to the second part.
(Yes, why to post things when they happen instead of posting them a week later?)


The friday 25.3, which is, oh, almost a week ago, I went to listen to some interesting music. And yes, to watch goths taking over a building. I'm such a stalker, enjoying watching cool people -___-'. A nice night.
Since it started late and since I was almost being late myself, I didn't really have time for shooting photos. Should have taken the camera with me... but it didn't fit into my purse. (And there wasn't even a book in there this time xD.)

But the bad mirror shots are such an important (coughcought) part of this blog, so here we have one again! I love those stockings, must try to buy another pair, since I'll break these after few uses anyway..

Shirt - Lip Service // bolerokindathing, two tulle skirts (two for more fluffy effect) - second hand // Cameo Necklace - Bijou Brigitte // Horoscope Necklace - gift // Striped Stockings - GinaTricot

with these I also had a small, pink, skull purse.


As for saving few things...

This month's ImagineFX 11.90e from Prisma.
A small cocktail book about 5e from Suomalainen Kirjakauppa. (Nom.)
Two happy pairs of stockings from H&M, about 7e. (I hope they ain't too weird, especially those big hearts...)

These mighty Demonia boots I saved through Huuto, with 45e. They are in a great condition, though of a quite small size. Must check the fitting better when there is less ice on the roads. Until then, fingers crossed!

I also saved this:
I adore Alphonse Mucha's works. They are all so beautiful, his style can be immediately recognized, and I look up to that ability of creating all those wonderful details. I wish to learn to create such detailed and intriguing works myself too.

Have some pages from the Mucha Masterworks book:


As for other things: april is about to begin and there is quite a lot happening there.
Starting with Sonata Arctica's and Kina's concerts the 6th day, 7th day I'm attending Semmarit's concert with my mother and sister, after which, the 8th day I'm off to celebrate with a small cruise and a visit to Tallinn, accommpanied with a group of friends, mine and my good friend A's birthdays. (And to be honest, we better have lot's of fun for I could imagine a hundred ways of using that money..) Also at that week there is a comic related happening, Tampere Kuplii, which I prolly should at least visit.
Fhhew, if I live through all that, I'll be older the week following, and attending an Enfant Terrible meetup few days after that.

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keskiviikko 30. maaliskuuta 2011

Was And Went: part 1

Uhoh, it's spring again. There are mountains of stuff to think about and to solve.
But since one must remember to forget reality once and again: let's have a blog post here.


Alright, a week ago I went to Maruseki, a local japanese restaurant, with two of my friends. (Delicious food, yet my dessert was too healthy for me. Never trust a dessert that has 'healhty' in it's description.)

My first plan was to loom around in a victorian-gothic-kinda-stuff:
(Sorry for the face and hair, no excuses though.)
..until someone pointed to me that I'm only going to get soaked through and through because of the wet weather. FINE. Let' seek for something shorter but something that has the same feeling in it, since no way I'm getting myself out of the corset immediately after I got myself in it.

And then I found ...this:
Some ages ago I sewed that after watching pics of pretty gothic lolitas, and well, used it perhaps three times? Ahhaha.

Have a zoom:
I remember that putting the elastic bands to the back of the waist was quite a pain... Four rows, mheh.
Oh, but anyway:
Skirt & Petticoat - selfmade // Shirt - got from grandmother // Velvet Corset - second hand // Silver Necklaces - gifts // Cross Necklace - selfmade // cameo earrings - Bijou Brigitte

I also wore a bright red jacket from Spiritstore and a small, black top hat (gift), but there wasn't any clever enough looking picture with them (if these are rated clever enough, you can just imagine what the rest looks like...)

There is the jacket! Right behind me in this awful mirror shot xD!
Alright, sorry for that, again.


In order to avoid mammoth posting, I'll make a part two of the other adventure and of the shopping..

lauantai 26. maaliskuuta 2011

Etsy Adventures

I made an excursion to Etsy (why does one do such a suicidical actions, who knows, sigh), and after 120 pages of any -and every- thing with a "gothic" tag, I'll give you some of the most brainmelting things.

Pretty jewelry with gothic and steampunky touch from Poland.
International shipping, payments accepted through PayPal, Visa, WU, Discover.

[KMK Design]
A very talented mother daughter duo from US, Minnesota, brings us fancy shirts, skirts and bridal gowns in Neo-Victorian/gothic style.
They ship worldwide and take payments through Paypal, MasterCard, aso.
They have also sites outside Etsy, find them [here].

Have to love the beautiful sales photos. They make one really want it all.

"Alternative Fashion style, rockabilly, gothic, fetish, burlesque, steampunk, glamour couture."
Yeah, why take just one when you can have it all. Also having an online shop [here].
Worldwide shipping, payments with PayPal only.

[Lovechild Boudoir]
My favorite of the ones included in this post, I'll just let the photos talk for themselves.
From UK, ships internationally and accepts PayPal only.

I love the horns in these.. I mean the costumes!... Err, well, pretty photos, eh?

Can I have this skirt-corset-combo in my life?


As for other things, I'll make a new post after I get some photos transferred to the com. And now back to play; I'm half way through FF7 (with a lvl 82, ahhaha).

maanantai 14. maaliskuuta 2011


First of all: New readers!
Thy arth most welcome~


Just a shopping post, since stuff has appeared during the weeks.

There is still some winter left to survive...
The jacket is of a more beautiful red, but my camera failed to caputre the real colour. The fabric is wonderfully soft, and the buttons are cool, detailed ones. I also got 15% off the price since I needed to sew the buttons on by myself.. From Spiritstore.

Two secondhand Narutos and a part of Dragonlance, that completed my trilogy.

The second part of the hack. ps2 game and the official game guide to Final Fantasy X from Huuto.

An accidentally bought short jacket, don't say a thing. (I was going around with only studdsstuddssstuddsmoreestudds in my head, and .. ... I wonder if I can turn it to some of my friends, ahhahah. Let's just forget that now.)
Secondhand, from Radiokirppis. As is the t-shirt next to it.

A cute shaped purse, 3e, second hand.
A big necklace, ~8e, Lindex (75% off from this and some other relatively nice looking accessories).
A stud bracelet, 7,90e, Backstreet.


Have a random, bad, and zombish(ie) photo, from who knows where:
Toes! No, don't see them!
Shirt & vest - secondhand // Skirt - Indian Bazaar // Cross necklace - Asplund

lauantai 5. maaliskuuta 2011

A Gothic Kodona Day -And Other Days

Alllright, I have been off a bit. And honestly saying the time I could have been writing here, I have been... Playing like a maniac (that i might be)! I finished Lucifer's Call (aka Nocturne) and started to swirl through Final Fantasy 7. I love video games and sometimes... you just have to play them every day u___u'.

Ah, but, today. I woke up in a hurry, for I was to attend a theatre piece with my sister and our parents. And after that we went to have a fancy dinner at a frenchy sort of restaurant. And I'm proud to be able to say I was brave enough to eat snails. I did stare at them awkwardly first, but they were fine. The whole place was fine, yes, and had extremely good service. And finally a restaurant where the portions are of a reasonable size. (Ie. I was able to finish them all. Usually I'm stuffed already in the half way through..) The restaurant's name is Tiilihovi, sites [here].
Sad thing was, I was a little bit ill today. Coughing and sniffing.

I got to taking the outfit shot but at the evening, so the natural light... was gone. Have a yellow pic. And due the technical problems it's a bad pic alltogether. Make do with this -__-.

Shirt & Jacket - off brand // Pants - F+F // Tophat - second hand antique // Cross Necklaces - gifts // Skull Necklace - Europe House // Edited Dagger Earring - Backstreet

No make-up, as I said, I was in a mighty hurry. I infact crapped the jackets and accessories while running to the door... Sometimes I'm really grateful for having relatively good skin. (Though it's so light, you can see my blood veins and shadows under eyes pretty easily.)


And I have had fun with my wardrope the other days too. Have some madness from the late few weeks:

I went to see Tangled with [satusankari], [Namuless] and [Miss K].
While waiting for the movie to start, we went to hang around [American Diner].
(They have great sandwiches there. I love them for celebrating Halloween by decorating the place and offering special menus. Haha.)
And the movie was cute, as you might be able to imagine. I have a soft spot for Disney movies u__u.

Err, what I wore then.. well, I wanted to dress up with lots of weird stuff at once, so that I did:
Shirt, Jacket, Skirt, Studded Bag, Bullet Belt - second hand // Jacket's Patches - Nitrobabe // Waistcorset, Chain Necklace - Borrowed // Skull Scarf - Indian Bazaar // Skull Cupcake Necklace - gift // Hair Accessories - Gift & Nitrobabe

Not a coord I'd usually wear, but it was fun. Oh and the bag was sold without any strap to hang it from so I stole one from one of my bondage pants and attached it to the bag. And hanged the whole thing from the skirt's belt loops. Like a... cool bum bag. Haha.


A coord from yesterday, when I went to see Black Swan with few friends:

Dress, Under Skirt - second hand // Sleeveless Nightwish Hoodie - Nightwish Shop // Shoes - Aaltonen

Usually I use these shoes only with some dandy/aristo coords, but I guess they are looking good with other stuff too.

Yeah, no heads, I see. Well, just so that you won't miss my surely handsome face, have this:
What the H--?! Yeah, no idea. Can't take it seriously with the cam. I mean.. I was shooting my face... And felt silly. Arharhar. Sorry. I had to include that pic.
(If I had some vampire fangs, this would have been cooler. Now I'm staying dorky.)

Auf Wiedersehen,
until we meet again.