torstai 10. helmikuuta 2011

Some Days Ain't The Best

And that photo summarizes the day up.
(And the crappy editing just makes it better *cough*)
I was late in every point, every coord was looking weird on me, general mess up and tiredness. GAAAH.

But see, I was half way to wearing some aristo coord today. (After which I made some mad, showy coord, after which I threw more casuals on and ran off.)

Also I was supposed to pick up a wonderful jacket from a random shop, where I left it waiting yesterday with my name on it. Sadly, I forgot some money home, and, err, didn't get it. I'll try again tomorrow.

Also, I visited some certain dangerous sites, to drool on some mighty printed vest (with a discount price at the moment, oh my) and staggered over this:

So.. cute~
Such a shame I look weird in anything cute. ...Can I still get that? Ahhaha.

What I should be buying is a black hair-coloring-package-thing. I wonder how many months ago it was that I had some decent color on this head of mine. Too long, obviously. Brown kills my feng shui in life.
(Lucky me for it being at least dark brown. My father had black, oh why didn't I inherit that? My mother had red/orange... that could have been interesting, eh.)

Inside of this I survived through the day. (Sorry for the bad shot.)

We shall be back, and with a less blerghy entry.

2 kommenttia:

  1. Ihania vaatteita omistat - ja ihanasti koordinoit ;___; Onko brändiä vai jotain muuta? (ei sillä että asialla olisi väliä, offbrand on jopa hienompaa jos minulta kysyy)

  2. Kiitoksia >w>~.
    Jäipäs näemmä mainitsematta tällä kertaa, mutta nuo yläkuvien eeppiset paita & takki on ihan F+F:n vaatteita.
    (Ja viimeisessä kuvassa painellaan ihan offuissa xD.)