keskiviikko 9. helmikuuta 2011

Love to the Little Things

Alright, I checked through my outter hard drive and memory sticks, but my link list has completely disappeared. I needed to empty my com's memory, and saved all good links into one document where I had few things for this blog too... Well, gone is gone -__-.


New readers! Welcome, have fun~


Been developing some growing love towards accesories. Here are the ones that accompanied me today. Love to the skulls and big meataxeknives~.

This month's ImagineFX. So pretty.
And a huge bullet belt from flea market (15e). I have been wanting a bullet belt for ages, but the big ones cost so much.. And then this came to my life. But it's heavy. Way heavy.
(And they fit posing next to themothers, don't they.)

Some small things.
On the left is mighty gothic magnets, ain't they cute. (Tiimari, 2e)
On the middle is a cutie bottle from [Miss K], it has pink hearts inside~.
On the right.. I was planning to have some epic-goth day somewhere here. You guess the rest. (KappAhl)

This is an awful pic of a wonderful dress I saved today.
I don't use velvet that much, but this felt so nice that I saved it to be used at home, with friends, being epic, drinking red wi--- Moving on.
It's of an ankle lenght, has a nice slit over other leg, and the neckline's shape looks gorgerous when worn. Bought from a second-hand shop, 10e.

Oh yes. That's a real deal. Vivienne Westwood's orb pendant.
I won it in an auction, and am now broke to the core. A treasure <3.

Today's outfit shot. As colorful as I can be (pink days excluded).
Mheh, the weird pose that tries to make you believe that I have a waist of some sort, and tries to hide the fact that I didn't wear any makeup while taking this, ohhoho.
(Why is my door brown...)

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