sunnuntai 16. tammikuuta 2011

A Small Poke

Just making a little note here, because I don't feel like doing anything clever.

I just came back from Enfant Terrible's meetup, but about that I'll make a more proper entry after I have manage to snatch some photos from those who took them.

The roses above were saved from Bijou Brigitte few days before and attached to my top hat for the meetup. (And they didn't even drop off, I'm surprised.)

Also bought this Lip Service's (velvet empire) shirt from Huuto with 35e.
It stared at me... (Photo from LS' sites.)

These three were saved from a secondhand shop.
The black dress.. I have a weak spot for black dresses..
The black thing next to it told me that I yet hadn't one like it, and it might prove itself useful when supposed to look cleverly decent in some clever occasions.
The (darker-than-in-pic) shorts were maybe a bit accidental, but have really nice pockets and will hopefully be practical when it's spring and so on, kehm.
Together they costed me under 15e.

I have been losing in ebay in bidding some Westwood themed items (like heart shaped bags, few shirts, dresses and in 4h also in vintage, violet, tartan skirt), but I infact did win this absolutely stunning bracelet.
The striped stockings I saved with halved prices at GinaTricot.


As for other things...
I have lost all my links. Sad for there was few I wanted to share with you, among many more or less useful things. But maybe they'll pop out of their hiding place after a while.

Also, hmm, I finished The Wizard of London, followed by Colfer's Artermis Fowl and Atlantis Complex, after which it was Pratchett's The Folklore of Discworld's turn. Now I started The Sandman: Book of Dreams, by numerous writers. Reading is nice.

Next up is the gig of a band in which two of my friends are playing, at Vastavirta-klubi 23.1. and The Showcase of Japanese Martial Arts at Vapriikki 29.1..

Alright, the captain hails from the uncontrolled chaos and heads to clean the mess up and to iron some shirts!

(The Face was looking zombieish, have do with a silly angle.)

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