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A Pencil Case -Tutorial

It happened that the old, good pencil case after years and years of brave working with me, decided to say the contract off. And therefore I needed to find a new one. And let' see, there are still few pieces left over from some jackets.. just enough for..


A Pencil Case Tutorial

Alright, this is as easy as breathing. If you go and break your pencil case, try this out. (Or if you need a new one, just because you want one..)

My idea was to make it out of a one piece of fabric (=minimal sewing needed, fast).
But in order to have my decorations as I wanted them, I needed to cut the front piece off the rest of it. You'll see.

You need:
-some fabric (I used about 16cm x 30cm, but didn't need it all)
-a zipper (mine was 25cm, black, basic)
-some stuff for decoration
-needles, threads, preferably a sewing machine

That's the shape you want your fabric to be cut into.
The "flaps" on the sides are the ends of the case, the space between them is the bottom. The rest will make the front piece and the back piece.

Now, take care of the rims.

Now it's time to decorate the front/back/sides.
(Yes, my front piece is separate from the rest, but that's because I wanted the lace parts to end in the front, and be hidden prettily inside.)

Then pin the sides to the front piece and the back piece. Time to sew.

Then attach the zipper (I forgot to take a photo in this point). And sew it on too. Whoo!

Now you should have a new, shining pencil case.
Mine came out as a really thin and long one, and I'm pleased with it~


As for other things...

While taking few things to a second hand book shop, I got in exchange the 18th part of Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan and the first part of one Dragonlance series. From another second hand shop, I saved Interview with the Vampire DVD with 2,50e. From a book outlet Death Note 11 tagged along (now I'm missing only the 13th).

Nier I won through with 12e.
Crimson Tears is a preowned game bought from GameStop with 9,90e.

This is what I wore yesterday to Vapriikki as judo, aikido, iaido and kendo groups gave a sneak-a-peek into their training.
(Dress, bolero -second hand // the skull necklace- Europe House // the long necklace -Glitter // the wristwatch - gift // the heart bracelet - Vivienne Westwood)

Also Kina's concert was much of fun the sunday a week ago. Of that I don't have an outfit photo, since I threw the concert clothes on but a half an hour before the show and then went flying to the other side of the city.

So have a close-up to my new flyswatter glasses instead.

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