sunnuntai 23. tammikuuta 2011

Enfant Terrible Meetup 16.1.2011

It was a white, cold sunday, in the wintery January somewhere around Finland, 2011, when a group of people gathered together...

Right! The meetup post that I was about to make. It's been a week already, damn, the time is too fast for me.

The brave people who threatened the weather.
The winter must have loved us a big time. I know my toes were blue.

I almost missed this meetup, checking in the forum so lazily, shame on me. But maybe that was a good thing, for I didn't have time to get nervous. Infact the butterflies found their way into my stomach but in the bus while on my way to the rendezvous point. Hahaha. But it was all fine again once I found my way to the small group of lolitas at the train station and recognized some of them right away.

It was a nice little gathering. Meeting others who like to dress up in lolitas, aristos, younameits, is always interesting and fun.

Nnnice gestapo lightning, huh?
Trousers & Jacket & accessories - offbrand // shirt & collar - selfmade // The Hat - second hand antique // shoes - Aaltonen // pocket watch & small rose - gifts

Mmm, fiinngerrss~
Krhm, we were indoors too. Yeah. Here with cute [Aristosa].

And with another pretty [lady].

In most of the pics taken, I had my eyes closed/halfclosed...
or looked just weird in other ways. Argh.

*A corpse stright out of a coffin*

And yeap, I look weird when I smile but also when I talk:
"I'm liek Haja and I sort of like video games, yeah, yeah, take that camera away, pluez? My collar is liek not badly, the scarf not strangling meh."

And this picture is just a perfect ending for this post:
(No idea what is going on in this.)


For some reason when I tried to save these photos to my com they all went weirdly streched. Does anyone know what's the problem with that?

Also, welcome to the new follower~

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