maanantai 29. marraskuuta 2010

More Fast Notes

A sales post, but since selling is done through finnish, I imagine it's alright, if I'm changing to finnish for this one..:

Huudossa päivittelin tuotteita: otin parempia kuvia vanhoista, alentelin paria hintaa ja lisäsin uusia.
Edelleen poizenin harmaa-musta mekko kaipaa omistajaa(tosin yksi ihminen on kysellyt sen perään, kumpa vielä tekisi ostopäätöksen.. >3>.).
Underground England ballerinat myöskin kaipailevat pelastajaansa edelleen.
Muut vaatteet on yhdistettynä vaatepaketiksi: kaksi mekkoa, kaksi vaaleaa lyhythihaista, yksi pitkähihainen musta paita, yksi pari tummanvioletteja korkokenkiä.
Myös pikkusiskoni housut ja paita pistetty myyntiin. Täysin käyttämättömät tapaukset, mutta, haa, housut lähtivät ensimmäisen 30min aikana ja viiden katsojan jälkeen. Paita on vielä jäljellä, punk / "j-rock" henkinen kauluspaita on kyseinen tapaus.



There now, buy them all away, they are of a wrong size for me to use -__-.

Since this was such a textious entry, next time I'll take care that there will be a lot of pics ;).

maanantai 22. marraskuuta 2010

A Little Note

Uhoh, just came by to mention a birth of a new blog.
I'm just getting started with it so there isn't too much to see as for yet.
Spamming art and sketches of suspicious quality at
[Project Get Better]
and welcome all who feel like joining in.
*a humble bow*

sunnuntai 21. marraskuuta 2010

Colors To Face

Yeah, clever titles, who wants those anyway.

In the previous post I mentioned this one lipstick I bought, which was, oh, quite a disappointment...

There is the fiend.
I was thinking of nice and tramatic black, and why, sure if it costs just something around 3€, that would be a great deal. Or then not.
It didn't spread around prettily at all, almost not at all, to be exact. Hardly any pigment on it, with constitution of a hard chalk or something alike. I checked: it looks good only if you take glasses off (=don't see too well) and stirr your eyes in badly lit bathroom, while staying at least a half a meter away from the mirror. Nice, that's very practical.
Also, the smell/taste of it, perhaps trying to be licorice, ending up to be rather unpleasant and irritating.
Best thing to do to it? Propably to throw it away. Hmh, I wonder if there could be any way to make it work right..

But! Since I had camera in hand:

The group of lipsticks that I have at the moment. Woohoo?

Lancôme's bright red. (L'absolu Rouge, 134, under which is ME116, but I must say, I don't know if that's an important thing or not...)
Have you ever heard the talk about a perfect red? This might be a bit too cold and bright red for that.. But it's quite nice and, well, very bright. In occasional use, if the clothing coord commands. The brand has added some extra euros to the price (costs aournd... 20-30€? I didn't buy it, so I'm not so sure.). But nicely pigmented and good, uh, constitution. Stays on relatively well.

Avon Cosmetics, buttered rum.
A very dark red of sorts (darker than in the bad photo you see here). Sorry for the killed looks, my ability to coordinate my movements is notorious (yes, I walk at doors and door hinges and all that). This is one of my all-time favorites. It's very dramatic, stays on like a dream, richly pigmented and creamy (err, if that's the way to describe it). Avon makes some seriously good lipsticks, and with a price I happily pay for them (around 10€).

(I have no idea how some people can use these in few months, I mean, mine mostly run old before they run out >__>.)

Another one from Avon, dazzling coral.
First of all, see the cool way to open it: on the right is the black thing and the line: by pushing it up, the lid on top flips open and the lipstick with it's filter come out. Neat, could have almost bought it just for that.
The truth is that at the time I was trying to order one other color from completely different line (if the buttered rum is the best lipstick so far, that one is the second on the list, stays on through eating and the color is wonderful), but they sended me this.. We assumed that perhaps the old one was a seasonal thing, but why they ended up sending me something completely different.. I never got to know. We make our orders through my mother's kollega, who is one of Avon's sales persons aside the other job, and I didn't want to make a fuss. And since this one was usable, I decided just to keep it (cool thing as it was and all).
A rather natural looking color, makes skin look more pale, always a nice thing. Stays on relatively well, feels nice.

Lumene: Wild Rose Lip Gloss, 11.
As sticky as a lip gloss can be. On my eyes it ends up looking almost the same as Avon's dazzling coral above. Just redder. Sticky thing, you use brush to put it on. No, I didn't buy this one by myself either, but it's kind of nice. And doesn't cost too much, I assume, but don't really know.

Eucerin's lip balm.
Colorless and useful thing as the winter comes (and since I might have a bad habit of biting my lips when nervous, exams, you see). Also, think about red lipped kodona; that would be quite weird, wouldn't it. If there must be something, it might better be colorless.. or black (mm, very dramatic malestyles, I'll do that one day), but, ha, not the black with L on it's tube.


As for other things...

I visited [Tampere Vintage] today with my mother. As the name tells, it was all about vintage stuff. And there was pretty much of it, what can I tell. I greatly disliked the brown colors that manifested in many forms on the items on sale (because the items were nice, but I can't use them myself, since they are brown), but loved just as greatly how there was lots of hats and hat-kind-of-things. That's somehting that would be nice to have more in the streetfashion today: more pretty hats on ladies -and gentlemen as well. Less shell suits and more glamour! Haha.
Mm, over all, I must agree with my mother: the best thing was the people who were dedicated to their lifestyle/hobby and wore cool clothes fitting the athmostphere.
(I was supposed to mention Vintage Tampere here before it was over so that any of you who didn't know about it might have had an opportunity to come, but it slipped my mind every time I was on com. Sorry ;__;!)

No pics, I was cameraless. Next time I'll remember. Or try to.


Oh, and just in case you are in need of some gothic colored candles, and happen to have a supermarket named Prisma around, it just might be worth a visit.
About 10cm tall candles from Bolsius come in three colors: dark red, dark violet and black. The price was a bit under 3€.

Here is a pic, which is, khmm, taken with a flash, and lie a bit. They are darker and the both of them are mat, not shiny surfaced.

Yes, the pic does lie a bit more than just a bit. Their color is much prettier. But now, if you got a sudden urge to get them, you know what kind of packing they come in.

lauantai 20. marraskuuta 2010

Where Does All That Stuff Come From?

Hullo again.

I might have come to posses one or two new things, quite accidently. Or less accidently. But at least I can be proud to tell you that some of these are from at least a month back!

That is, I have been trying really hard not to buy anything. My com isn't quite feeling well and therefore, I'm about to need to buy a new one. And that's not going to be a cheap purchase. (Though, Xbox 360 is calling me.. I'm afraid I can't stay away from that temptation for much longer. Oh, poor MMM funds that I have been collecting! I'm afraid a new com is more important.)

Uh, well, here we go..

A Jareth/Labyrinth fan shirt from eBay. Damn it's of a small size, where were my eyes that night..

A pair of good quality "leather" gloves from Aleksi13 and lowered prices. I found them very fitting and practical addition to simple aristo. Kept my fingers warm in the autumn's meet-up.

This cutie is from a shop which's name I fail to remember. It cost about 7,90€ and the black coloring on the handle fell off the first time I used it. Now it has some black nail polish on it. Still cute.

Mheh, pink.
This one is from GinaTricot, about 17€. My mom was a sweetie and bought it for me ;). Gotta love the skulls.

This men's jacket was saved from a second hand place with 5€. It's as good as new.
Have a close-up:

Cool interiors and a small bat over the pocket. Love to the details.

The fishnet shirt bought through Huuto, 7€ I guess (and damn, this is the last time I buy any S sized shirts from Internet! It's really a game of luck whether they are good or not).
The jacket from a second hand shop with 2,50€, the patch attached later.
The belt from a second hand shop with 1€. (My old belt got lost, I wonder how did that happen..)

This one I bought from NitroBabe with 10€ (pricy, I know, but I was feeling lightheaded, and it was so cute). It's pretty big pic IRL. Attached to the jacket in the pic above this one.

Two skull bracelets from Europe House ending sales. Costed together something between 7 and 8€. When attached together they make a really nice necklace.

Also! I bought a black lipstick from Backstreet and what a mistake that was. I was so disappointed that I think I'll complane about it in a new post completely.


There really is way too many nice things. And I truly have way too little self control when it comes to collecting them. I'm a little ashamed but quite content.
And it's way dark to try taking any proper outfit shots. No faces on this post :p.

perjantai 19. marraskuuta 2010

A Post

I just had to drop by to throw this in:

(Thanks for the link [Miss K]!)
Alexander McQueen's dress in the new Potter movie?!
(Yup, movie checked, I trust the last part to be better. Let's leave that there.)


I'll be soon back with a proper post.

I have been stalking biddable items, but not going after any of them. I really was about to, but forgot on a critical day..
(Also, there is one person in Huuto who seems to like the same items I do, it feels a bit weird and makes me feel uneasy when supposed to really bid on same item. Especially since one day here, I found her blog.. >__>. Now I'm even more on unease about bidding with her. Let's hope we just won't happen to go after the same things anymore.)

Umm, what else? I'm not about to gameflame here, since I do that in LJ, but I finished Suikoden and started this:

The game is also known as Nocturne. Gaming is love.

sunnuntai 7. marraskuuta 2010

Johnny Hollow

I must say, that when you try to do many things at the same time, indeed, you get hardly anything done in the end. That's why I wrote a list of things, for it becomes something like a game when trying to get every to-do marked as done.

But I wonder how then am I writing here, when this surely wasn't written down on that list of mine?


Johnny Hollow

The band in question was formed in 2001, somewhere in Canada.
It's line-up goes as follows: singer Janine White, digital artist Vincent Marcone, cellist Kitty Thompson and guitarist Steve Heihn.
JH was brought together as Marcone, a digital artist, asked White to bring sounds to his websites, [My Pet Skeleton]. Things lead to other things, and soon they got lot's of people encouraging them to create more music.

The genre is described in wikipedia as: dark wave, experimental, ambient, altrock. In Myspace it says: gothic, ambient and electronica. And that all supposedly means JH. Ah, genres, where would we be without you? In chaos?
I also found few people describing them as 'steampunk sounded' and 'creepy'. As for what I could add to this all: I find their music interesting, relaxing, dreamy, good with candles and evening. Dark and melancholy, fun and also catchy. Mixing this and that and making it work. Love to the cello's sounds~

Find more:
[Official sites] (with wonderful looks)

Here two of their songs:

And a wonderful cover by them: