sunnuntai 31. lokakuuta 2010

Spikes and Jewelry

When there is dozen of tabs in one window for a while, I just get this feeling, there has to be some links to share with you. And I was right, so here we go.



Ie (In)decorous Taste is created by two artists and they provide us some of the World's most beautiful... spikes. Spikes on your shoes, on your neck, on your shoulders... only the imagination is the limit, and that's how we like it. When the imagination is wide and creative that is.
Oh, they do have other things provided aside the spikey-things, but the spikes are wonderful and well worth a mention all of their own.

Their [sites]
and their [blog].

Lovely, lovely.


The other link of the day provides us "Handcrafter Couture Noir Jewelry & Accessories".
International shipping from US, payments by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and PayPal accepted.
They have nine different theme collections; pirate, victorian and steampunk themed ones among them.

Shame that hat wasn't for sale!

Two items from their sites I loved:


As for other things this time...
I have, haa, tickets for the next Potter movie, haahaahaa.
They started to sell them today in this part of the World.. (which I didn't really know, before visiting some sites on some totally different business earlier today.)
Ah well, it's always nice to have something to look forwards to.
(And personally I hope there is going to be lots of screentime for Snape and Lucius, ohhoho.)

tiistai 26. lokakuuta 2010

Get Ready For Halloween: Eatables

A party is hardly a party without somehting to eat, now wouldn't you agree?
There is endlessly wondeful ideas to different cakes, pies, cookies, crackers, sweets, cupcakes, muffins, drinks and decoration when it comes to Halloween. And for this reason I gathered a pile of pics to give you (and me) some inspiration.

Here is few links, in case you are short of recipes with which to start with:
[Recipes for Halloween Cakes, Cupcakes and Pies]
[Halloween Cookie Recipes]
[How to Make Perfect Candy Apples]
[Dastardly Drinks, Murderous Martines and Creepy Cocktails]

And then the pics, enjoy:

(Alright, I wouldn't cut that...)

(These muffins' are made by [Miss K], tasted delicious~)

Of course, you should also pay attention to what is on the table and how.

Once more and with a feeling:

Tampere 23.10.2010 Meetupthing

Oh my, I must confess, I have been so absorbed into gaming Suikoden V that I might have sort of been rather absent from the com. (Or, if I was on com, it was to check important things, walkthroughs or to continue Trueblood marat-.. forget the last one.)
But now, it's time for a bit of updating!


The 23th of this month I attended a meetup of [Enfant Terrible]. I was slightly anxious about it, for I hadn't taken part in any of their gatherings before, but I did enjoy it in the end. Very nice and very, very pretty people. It was great to be able to spend time with them all ~.

(Even though I had been up at 3:00 last night, first at a friend's place and after that in a bar, I was feeling rather alive. Lucky thing, I was a driver that night, huh. But: I wasn't tired until after 15:00. Then I was really tired. At the evening I still needed to head to a good-bye party of one friend leaving to China for few months. But I had the day marked wrong, and ended up heading home rather soon after leaving... .. ... ...)

Here is some photos from the meet-thing, anyway. I didn't have a camera on me, so these surely aren't taken by me.

Almost the whole group, except the ones behind the cameras.

Somewhere on the coblestones of epic Pyynikki.

An epic pic, featuring me and wonderful [Aristosa], taken by Rosemaria.
(Few minutes later some sporty person stepped on my glasses, which ended up so bad a mess, I couldn't wear them anymore. I visited some store on the way and a man there managed to tweak them back in shape. Thank goodness, I wouldn't have had money to go and buy new ones.)
(The glasses were off my face for I firmly believe that I look clumsy in pics with them. Not as bad as me with a wide smile though, which looks downright horrible in pics and IRL. Sad, since I have a habit of grinning a lot.)

Alright, get a pair of contact lenses.
And I got a bit creative with the collarstuff, blame the early morning. A necktie? Not quite, but it does look like one.. I mostly have tied that into a bow of sorts, but now I felt like needing something more.. classy.
Hat: secondhand // shirt: selfmade // jacket: F+F // jewelry: gifts // pants: Seppälä

Oh, as a new thing, which you might have spotted in the pics: I cut myself a forelock (hmm, needed to check that one from dictionary, rare..) few days before. It's not too stright though, but what to except when you are using scissors with blades of 10cm. Ahhaha. We shall take care of it.. A "lively" line, now isn't that nice.
But it fits this style and the others suprisingly well. I also like the "sideburns", though they need a bit more hairwax and hairspray to stay in order.


sunnuntai 17. lokakuuta 2010

Get Ready For Halloween: Games

Oh, you just won't believe how easily I forget my passwords to every possible site. Then I end up rummaging through every possible of ones I usually use, and then I might just realize that the nick was wrong from the beginning..


Alright, what to do at halloween? To party, to watch movies, to read books, to play tricks on some poor fellow? Or to play a game, and a game that doesn't need any electricity that is. Yes, you can play them on candle light, but be careful of how you place those little flames..

Lunch Money

"It's a lot like a real fight -- only without all that slippery blood."

It's a card game in which you 'beat up' the other players (2-4), and the last one having some healhty points is the winner. Pretty simple? Not quite, it has been said that you need to remember what each card does to get the game run smoothly, and the cards ain't exactly helping in remembering, for they don't pose any stright instructions.

But the cards themselves, now they fit the mood of halloween quite nicely: the pictures are quite unsettling, having mostly kids on them (and the story in the game is that the kids are fighting over the lunch money amongs them) in old looking hazzy photos and also having some lines ('humorous' and 'creepy' they are described) written on them.

The game has also an expansion Sticks and Stones as well as a sequel/expansion Beer Money.
Lunch money also won The Origins Award of The Best Card Game of 1996.

For more information head to:
[Atlus Games]


"(...) some say that one's reward in the afterlife is based on the misery endured in life."

Unlike the other games where you want bad things to happen to other players, in Gloom you try to make your own characters' lives as miserable as possible and your opponents characters' as happy as possible. That is by getting your fingers burnt in a toaster and theirs to bear rings of happy marriage.

This game also is a card game, having interesting transparent cards and drawn, gothic illustrations. For 2-4 players.

Gloom won Origins Award of The Best Traditional Card Game of 2005 and has many expansions (like Unhappy Homes and Unwelcome Guests).

For more info head to:
[Atlus Games]


Making an entry about games fitting for halloween reminded me of this old, old game I played as a little child. I saw it in a market once, few weeks before christmas, and got all exited about all the characters and illustrations. Immediately as I got home I told all my best friends about it as well as I could remember, and for many days we played to be characters from it (yes, you can tell, your kids are going to grow just right when they play outside in snow castle for hours to be talking human skulls...). And I was one hyper happy kid as the 24th of the december arrived and I found the game from under the gift wrappings.

The game's name in finnish is Kauhukartano (brought to Finland by Oy Kirjalito Ab, 1997) and in english
Creepy Towers.
Apparently there isn't any sites in finnish about it, but with a bit of work I did manage to dig up some english ones.

The box's copyrights belong to Joshua Morris Publishing Inc (1995), which is known of publishing children's books. In [JacketFlap] it says:
"This very special haunted house is packed with hours of ghoulish good times, as kids read Creepy Towers, stare down laughing skulls, play the ghastly gruesome card game "Screech," open Boo's pop-up coffin, and try to game play their escape from this happily haunted house. Includes light-activated laughing skull, two rubber creatures, jigsaw puzzle, and cards. Full color."

Yeah, in short, including anything a kid could hope for, huh? Well, I remember being most drawn into the world I saw in it due the very detailed looks: there was something lurking in every corner of the drawn little mansion. For the more adult audience, it's not challenging game (the cards nor the board game nor the puzzle), but a bit of nostalgy allowed now..

And! you can infact still buy it's english version through Amazon. Click [this] to get to the item.

To find any pics of this... well, even the Amazon's sales pic was a bit pixeled, so I took few photos of the finnish version that I still own.

( Now that's a pass time activity fitting for kids, muahhahhah. Not that I have anything against My Little Ponies (infact, I like the cool, customed ones, though I have only seen them in pics), but Teletubbies... I loathe to no end, URGH.)

(And here lies the puzzle.)

(Note the ivory-white bone dices. The details are always important.)

(Do not try this at home.)

Ah, the nostalgy...
But the Lunch Money and Gloom (as well as the expansions for both) can be easily found. For example, you can put their names on sreach in [Ebay].
(The finnish people may prefer to get them through [Puolenkuun Pelit], but that will pay you a bit more. Also, last summer, I saw Lunch Money IRL in Helsinki's [Fantasiapelit].)

Now, I shall depart, my beloved ones.

Yours truly

maanantai 11. lokakuuta 2010

Get Ready For Halloween: Jewelry

Is it just me, or is the leaves dropping from the trees way too fast?
I swear, they started turning yellow but few weeks ago.. I wish they would have hanged on the branches of the trees a bit longer, for yellow-red trees sure are quite pretty.


Ah, but it's the month of Halloween, yes? And halloween means zombies (among other things), and zombies mean braains~

Yes, a very clever text on a plate, best served cold, by
Free shipping everywhere, they say and have 100% positive feedback.
The plates come with different texts. Also making custom items.

..No, I don't. I mean, slow, rotting corpses with no mind for more that braaainss~. And you can hack them into pieces and they still come after you. You can burn them, but you can't be quite sure that the ash from them ain't being suspiciously clingy on you and slowly grawling to have a closer contact with your braaains~.

Alright, moving on.

[Beat Black]
100% positive feedback, PayPal accepted.
Apparently open for custom orders and has the possibility of international shipping.

....brains, I won't even say more.
Also having lots of jewelry with the same material and mood.

A song fitting the subject:


As for the other things, I signed up for a meet up of [Enfant Terrible].
Haven't attended their meetings before. I'm quite sure it will be nice, but nevertheless I'm a bit anxious about it. The biggest problem will propably be to decide what to wear, mheh.

Also, I watched a vampire movie.
I was wandering in the wide cold waste lands of Internet, ending for a reason or another in Wikipedia, checking out which movies David Bowie has been in. And then there was this
[The Hunger],
which apparently is a classic vampire movie -which I only recall hearing of once or twice before. Alright, the word 'classic' made me get a hold of it and watch it over (oh, maybe the 'vampires' and 'David Bowie' had something to do with it, but 'classic', there is no word like.. and moving on).

Oh, well, the special effects and the music really give away the fibe of 1980 movies. Old, but that could be forgiven, since even older movies can really overwhelm the viewer. Sadly there is something in the directing that I really didn't like. The plot has some weaknesses as well, leaving gaps of the size of a hippo (the movie is a loose adaption of a novel by same name, and we know lot's of movies based on books and having major issues with including the important things, don't we). It had few interesting points, like the relationship between John and Miriam, and the illness that John has. But in the end: not for me, a classic or not.

torstai 7. lokakuuta 2010

LotR Meets Filharmonia: Round Two

The mighty orchestra of Tampere, Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra (Filharmonia), plays the Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring music next year's spring.
The tickets: 25€-48€
The dates: 28.4., 29.4., 30.4. and 1.5.2011
The place: Tampere talo, Tampere Finland

I was there in the first round, when they played music from the whole trilogy. Maybe they are about to play the other parts separately now too?
Oh, but it's unearthly music. Wonderful, heavenly experience. A great, talented orchestra, awesome choirs. Pure Love.

More about the concert [link] (finnish).
Info about the tickets [link] (finnish).
About Filharmonia [link] (finnish).

Le Shöp Lingerö

Ah, today morning, there was a package in the mail box~
(Have a stock photo, I had already packed them safely to safe place before finding cameras.)

(And how do you put two pics next to themothers here? Hrhm.)

Shame, you can't see the details on the jacket, but I'll try to remember to take a photo or two of them in some point.
The shoulder parts were a biit too poofy, and the fabric quite... shiny. But, I'm sure we will get along in some happy concert or festival or just happy rainy day when I happen to feel a bit like looking decent. (Yes, a rainy day, those and big boots and umbarella, ohhoho.)
But, it was like pinstripes, and kinda cool shape and the lacing in the sleeves and the back were just great.
(But it shines so much, I can't help but think about raincoats and rain 8D.)

Bought through:

[gunmetal klothing]
Located in US, accepts PayPal.
Lots of Lip Service clothing, and shoes from the well known gothic brands like Demonia and Funtasma.
They have over 4000 feedbacks left by customers, of which 99.8% is positive. And the ones I left were too. Answered fast to questions, kept me well informed and shipped fast (and the items arrived fast to Finland). Even though I was warned it might take a bit longer than usual, for they were send from the second warehouse, I got my hands on the package in hardly two weeks.
Ships worldwide, combines shippings and by purchasing from them you support rescued animals.

Few shoes that jumped at my eyes:

Whose-blood-is-that-anyway aka Not-my-blood aka Halloween is coming.
Also in black-red, also as flats.

Alright, no one is walking with those.

And as for shoes, you don't walk with:

Also in black (you didn't quess..) and red (

The shoes I was hoping they would have were pinstriped creepers (ah, pinstripes). But there was no right size.

But I wouldn't mind these in my collection though. But I do mind the price, about $71.99. And Demonia.. the sole would prolly drop off in half a year *cough*.


Have some wonderful music by E Nomine.
There is some talk in start, listen longer than that.
Oh, and check other songs too~