torstai 26. elokuuta 2010

Vivienne Westwood Shoe Exhibition

Oh my, now at all times would be the perfect time to pay a visit to London. Such an interesting city, where I would definitely love to run around with some money and a camera.

But now they also have an exhibition of Westwood shoes from 1973 to 2010.
The doors open 26.8.2010 (today, oh my) and closes 22.9.2010 (so soon!).
The place is The Ultralounge, Selfridges London.

For a finnish article, click [here].
For an english article, click [here].
By googling, you will find few hundred more.

Here few photos of the shoes you could see live, if you happened to wander to a right place at a right time.

(Thanks for the link, miss K ;D.)

keskiviikko 25. elokuuta 2010


Not only is it a spoon (I mean, spoons, how cute things are they! Expecially antique spoons and long necked ice cream spoons) but it's also a skull (and how cute things are those).
[Pinky Diablo] is the guy who came up with these. Sadly those sites are hardly sites at all... Would have loved to see more skullspoons. To order these sweeties you need to email the guy and the work costs $45 per spoon. Located somewhere in US.
But isn't it wonderful what all can people come up with.

Then the other thing I have for you today is a shop that sells, well, you have seen all of the items somewhere before. Lip Service, Gothic Alchemy, the-costumish-chinese-clothes.. And the jewelry things you can find from any alternative store around here.
and the "but" is the point in linking this. Not only are they having quite extensive selection of it all, but also they locate in Lithuania, which means in EU, which means no customs for big orders around here.

[Fantasm Agoria]
Fashion, music, lifestyle. Sites also in english, payments PayPal and Bank Transfer. Worldwide shipping and over 10 000 items on sale. They also provide their customers a free gift when your order is over 15€.

Here few items from their sites:

sunnuntai 22. elokuuta 2010

Ofelia Market 2010 TRE

Alrighty, OM was yesterday and I joined the happy growd there with my little sister. Lots of people, the place was packed full almost the whole day. It wasn't too much fun to navigate there under many layers of fabric and long sleeves... Just like a tropical sauna.

But a happy thing was that many of the people attending were dressed up according to their style. Most of them seemed to be rockabillys (& vintage people), few clearly goths, few very colorful (pink) persons, at least two clear steampunkers and about seven lolitas (mostly gothic). Also one who could have been male aristo, or a victorian goth, I didn't stop to ask. Even though I walked past her about ... five times. Oh well. But all the pretty people in interesting clothes made me very happy, thank you all.

The sellers were mostly crafts people who had made some nice jewellry or mini hats. Mostly jewellry. A bit of clothing here and there, mostly second hand, mostly for the vintage people.
I bought 'a killed animal'. There was prettier staff too but this was one I didn't know where the seller had bought her materials. Clever reasoning. (The skeleton camees were pretty, but I can buy them cheaper from etsy).

My sister seemed to want to buy about everything, but settled on these:

Sorry for the bad pic, I didn't realize it was so blurred before it was on com already.

Here are few cards we managed to snatch from the tables of the sellers (and a ticket):
(Click to see it bigger.)

And this bag was too pricy for us (169€) but we both agreed it was cute as anything.

As for the show, the fashion show was great. We were very stunned by the last ones. The backgrounds flashed name Vanity Project 2010, and a preformer gave us a card that spoke of 'Aron Ra'. Will sreach deeper later. As well as the video that someone was taking of the show.
The hoopdancer's performance was wonderful, some of the moves seemed magical. Very talented woman in her profession.
The poledancers were definitely good too, but they didn't always move at the same time nor fit in the music all the time. But the spins were nevertheless great, expecially the double spin with two performers.

Also me and my sister were asked to photos and interviews for the starting ( magazine [fatale] 's streetfashion part. The interviewers were very nice, but I was so confused that I had no idea what I was talking about. But they will send the text and the pics to us before putting them anywere, so then I hope I can correct the stuff >__>.
As for the magazine, I look forward to it. Finland sure needs one for alternative fashion and life style, was just a matter of time that someone took up the task. Good thing.

I was in flu and looked off all the time. Also it was so hot, I couldn't wear my jacket.
Have a face:

Yyeah, glasses, yeah. Hrr.
Well, that was one big, fat post. Now I must go.

torstai 19. elokuuta 2010

We Are Made of Epic

Oh, righty, back in the days I still had long hair, a friend who studies art stuff asked me to model in some work he was doing. I liked the idea he had in the thing and agreed. I believe he won't mind if I feat a pic from the thing here too.

Buhhaha. Life is epic.
And because it is, here is another shot I took once that I was wearing happy stuff.

Also! Last weekend one of my dear friends held her birthday parties in a far away location, deep inside the forests of Finland. The theme was 'Mad Tea Party', drawing it's inspiration from Alice's adventures, as you might have guessed.

Miss K had done some serious work with the decorations and all. We had white roses painted red, cup cakes that told to eat them, signs that welcomed to Wonderland etc. Also there was a small competition held for the best hat (mheh, the winner infact had tied a beer can into her hair, but the judges, me and miss K, found it the most creative of hats present).
All in all it was lots of fun, saw friends, made new accuintances, sang SingStar 'till the morning and painted H's face so that even her mother wouldn't have been able to recognize her anymore.

Now have a pic of faces of weird me and beautiful miss K.

(All the pics taken, I managed to look awfull, but this was the most tolerable.)

Next up is [Ofelia Market].
People selling stuff -new and second handed- around gothic styles, lolita styles, burlesque and so on. Having also some shows.. Alright, I didn't check the program yet, but I hope it will be nice and lots of people in pretty clothes. Er. And lot's of second hand sellers, I don't have money -___-'.

Making a Note

In the jungle, the mighty jungle...

I went to visit a shop or two (more likely two or perhaps ten), was looking for a white collar shirt and a black bowler hat, but in the end I found neither.

I got the bowler obsession when I saw a small picture in a fashion magazine. The hat in question belonged to Hermes' autumn 2010 collection, few pics of which I'll feat here (though none is the pic that was in the mag) because I sort of liked it.

Wonderfull picture, now isn't that?

Here is few collection collabs:

...That's lots of leather. But I like the dandy feeling the collection has.

Now what I did find is nothing as special as the things above, these just clung to my arm and begged me to carry them away... Expecially the long-sleeved thing, it told me it was very soft and wanted to be worn as the days start to get cold again...

The little hair accessory there has skulls too. And well, skulls, just gotta love them. And all of the things are from ginatricot, a shop where you wouln't think a goth would walk even close to. But I saw skulls and metal there, so in I went (again >__>) and am happy for doing so.

Also, a happy puzzle has made it's way to my wall! Assembled with help and glued with elbows.
(And we broke the glass that was supposed to be there, which wounded the poor pic, but copics hid that pretty well.)

And I have a flu and it's very irritating.
And now, good bye for a little while~

tiistai 10. elokuuta 2010

Unreal Dressmakers

I was just around a corner, and then there was this trail of candies, and while following it I found a village of .... alright, let's leave that there. The point was, that I found these two sites, where some way skilled people have made some quite remarkable dresses.Yeah, it's their mission in life to make us amateurs feel all humble and low.
No! I mean, here some eyecandy.. err...

Location: USA, ordering system... well I looked at [this] and decided it to be way too complex to my overly tired brains. But what I can be pretty sure now is that they don't take PayPal, which is always sad, but they do ship international. And use that... order form. Hrr.

They also have men's selection:

This jacket's name is The Potionmaster, and it description starts "This new tailored design from Kambriel is inspired by our favorite master of potions, the velvet-voiced Severus Snape. [...]"

[Viona Art]
"Fairytale Photography and Costume Design"
That sums the thing up pretty well. Pretty photos and costumes of which some look like they were straight from some historical movie.

Pretty historical movies are nice.

That's that for today. Captain is off, engage.

Was There, Bought That

About a week ago I visited Helsinki with a friend, my sister and her friend. Lots of walking around, seeking for small boutiques. I didn't have much money to start with, so no wonder I didn't exactly try to find anything.

These however costed me only 15€ at dinsko. They could be smaller by a size, but that can be fixed easily. I'm not fond of the leather pattern, but.. 15€. And they are quite nice, yes.
(Other shoes, with way wonderful metal-plates-on-heels were left behind, since my wallet went empty, I'll miss you luvs~)

These socks tagged along too, from Morticia. Yes. Robbed me almost 10€, and I'll propably break them after a while.. angst.

I also tried to sew a jacket, but that failed miserably in some point. And after that quite a few things have failed as well, so now I don't have any energy to do anything creative. Or pretty much anything at all (thg playing with our band last weekend went well). So I'm just playing and trying to get a driving license and so on. Yay.

sunnuntai 1. elokuuta 2010

Victoria Francés

I needed a picture to hang on my wall (next to the puzzle I posted earlier) because there is this happy frame all alone..

So I ended up watching the art of the spanish lady mentioned before. Francés was born 1982 and now she is well known by her almost legendary gothic art. She has released artbooks (surely beautiful and inspiring things) and her works have been made into posters, puzzles, calendars, cards and so on.

...Though since her work resembles too much of my puzzle here, I think I want something different to hang next to it.
But anyway, here is few pretty pics to make this post interesting.
(Who likes to feature pics..)

For more info about the artist you could try our beloved friend [wikipedia].
For official sites, where you might want to check the photographs, head [here].
Some fan sites in english [here].
For just another pile of pics from her, go [here].