maanantai 24. toukokuuta 2010

Weird Necklaces and Rocking Horses

Yup, it's time to link more happy places where one could lose some money.

They don't seem to have too much itmes in their cathegories, but there was this:

Yeah, yeah, plastic and all. But somehow it's very eyecatching.
At least the moment I saw it, I needed to keep looking at it for quite a while.

That's the main style of the items: something a bit weird going on, but not exactly gothic all the time. They are an online store for Angelspit merchandice. Located -suprise, suprise- in USA, shipping stuff across the sea (their sites can list the items with euro prices, so I believe they are shipping at least to Europe. And by same logic also to Australia too. Mheh.)

The rocking horses (speaking of shoes, naturally).. originally designed by Vivienne Westwood, and later acuiring quite a number of cheap versions. Used by lolikids and rockers alike, and a bunch of other people too. Wooden soles, no heels but platform... ballerina shoes on wooden platforms, yes that's what they are. Or the best known version of them at least.
So what is it in them?
...tell me when you know. I just know that I seem to be very keen of them.

While waiting to be able to by some miracle get the "real ones", here is a shop that sells (I don't have ones, but I have read good comments about these shoes by DD) them, and the price won't even kill your wallet.

The shop's headquarters locate in Japan, but the sites are offered in rather fluent english (and in japanese too, if that's what you happen to fancy). They ship overseas and the payments can be made with Paypal or International Postal Money Order.
They also offer a great deal: two pair of shoes with $90. Apparently that applies to all of the shoes. Whoa.

These ones seem to have satin ribbons, but they have other options too. Of the featured ones, they offer not only black but white and pink versions as well.
They also sell sneakers, boots and rubber sole shoes.
About the quality, I can't say... yet. I'll edit it in after I have ordered ones.

As for the original designer, Westwood, she has released new rocking horse shoes in her Spring/Summer 2010 collection:

They are pretty plastic, aren't they? Expecially when the originals had wooden soles.. that's not so bad thing though. The wings I find cute, the marble styled looks not so much (even if, yeah, Hermes, yeah). To judge them better, would need to get my hands on them.

lauantai 22. toukokuuta 2010

Goggles and Corsets

Staggering around Internet like a drunken sailor (...what) I ran to many awesome things, among them there was these two that I needed to get to share here right away.

Some seriously pro-looking goggles things.
The Prices will fit only the most dedicated or/and those in wealth though. Nice job nevertheless.
Here is one ($195.00 USD):

Sweethearts, aren't they? (And somehow these bring the movie Sleepy Hollow to my mind, Johnny Depp running with some nice looking glasses, hmhmhmm~)

In [this] post earlier this year, I was crying over a dead-gorgerous corset with cameo-sort-of-pic in it. Well, now I apparently ran to it's designer's Etsy Shop:

[Lousie Black]

My goodness, how absolutely wonderful work they are! One pretty day, I'll be sure to capture one of those. Oh yes. With the pic of the ribs, oh yes.

Hauntingly Beautiful Jewelry

Being creepy and all to put dead animal parts into jewelry
[Loved to Death]
has done it so beautifully that how could I say I'dn't mind to wear one? ...but they are still animal parts.. and apparently human too, that's a tooth, that so is a human tooth..

Oh, but they don't kill animals to get their jewelry done. This is what they say in their sites:
"We BUY parts from highly respected taxidermists. Parts are recycled or are by-products. It is out of the respect and appreciation of the animal to do this rather than just discard of these parts. We, as ARTISTS, find beauty in these parts. We see it as a memorial to the animal passed. The pieces we make truly are crafted with love. We love these animals and what we do."

They also have an [Etsy shop].

Loved to Death, Taxidermy Memento Mori & Art. Curious thing.
Here few items they have created and that I found pretty or curious, whatever they were made out of.

A head... in a cage.

A head.. in a headdress.

torstai 20. toukokuuta 2010

Again a Nice Shop From the Mighty Internet

Well, if it ain't nice that it's warm outside.. so ..sunny.. Can't dress longsleeved things which is sad, since I like long jackets. And how big a bother is it to just take a step outside and then end up tanned? Argh!
But gave me the perfect reason to buy a pretty parasol.

Down to the business!
Here is an intrnet shop named [Retroscope Fashions].Their motto is "Elegance Above All" and what you'll find when you enter their sites is pretty much inspired by Gothic Aristocrat. So those and victorian goths and the steampunkers may find some really nice clothing from there~
Men too, which is nice. Very nice looking things.

The prices, as can be excepted, are not too low. Though not much more than F+F, really.
And if you look closely, you'll realize than some of the items are looking really much like those sold at F+F. Go and know.

They take Credit Cards and Paypal, shipping to quite many locations (apparently from North America).

Here is the cutest thing from their sites:

And since the stripes look fun, here is another item with the same fabric (and the shirt looks just like something I almost ordered from F+F once.)