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A Small Purse -Tutorial

Yeaah, more of this stuff.
Well, I had one skirt project and one jacket project screwed up some time ago, and now I finally got tired of seeing them looming around. I cut them down, saved what could be saved, and ended up having a pile of fabrics.

And it's sort of troublesome to have piles of small pieces of fabric around, since I'm not too productive in this area and not having too much storage room. But since I needed something bigger and of a more tolerable color to hold in the eyeliners and all the rest of those things, I decided to make this purse from the scraps of those poor enterprises.

And sort of photographed my way through.


A Small Purse Tutorial

Or a big purse.. depends of what sized one you are going to need.
An easy one to sew up, no worries, just attack.

You are going to need:
-2 bigger pieces to be the front and the back
-one piece as long as the intended bottom side of the previous pieces
-two pieces, as tall as the sides of the front piece and as wide as the bottom's width
-a zipper (or what ever you wish to use as the closing system)
-some small things for decorating

-if you wish to have nice looking interiors cut the pieces listed above from another fabric
(the black and white fabric in this tutorial)
-If you wish to have the triangle in the front like I have, cut that out of something too
-If you wish to have some inside pockets; cut few squares from the innards fabric (I didn't do this and therefore won't explane it to depths)

First thing to do is to take care of the rims.

If you are doing the innards:
-attach the innards of the front and back pieces to their outter counterparts from one of the longer sides.
-attach the innards of the side parts to their counterparts from one of the shorter sides.
Alright there? If having trouble, try looking at the following pics for help >_>.

This might be a best point to attach the inside pockets if you are doing those.

Next, if you are having the triangle, is time to attach it on the corner of the front piece. Attach the piece like in the photo above and sew a stright line from where the pins are. Then flip it over.
If you feel like it, you can sew the other sides of the triangle too, so that it's wholly attached, but this isn't a necessarity since that will naturally happen in following steps.

Now is also the best and easiest point to decorate the front.

Now attach the bottom part to the front part's bottom.

Next take out the side parts again.
Attach them with pins to their rightful places: the bottom on the bottom part and the side to the front part's side.

You should have them look like this at this point.
Looking alright? Good, now sew them on.

Time for the back part to step on the stage.
Attach the back part to the sides and to the bottom.
Sew it on.

If you didn't decorate your purse yet, but want to do it, do it now!
Because do it later and you are going to need to pierce the innards too and that won't then look quite as pretty when finished.

Next step is going to be to attach the innards' sides so that your purse will look like a box without a lid. Look at the pic and you will surely know what I mean by this.
And sew.

Then it is time to add the 'lid' to the 'box'.
Pin it on and sew, but leave a small hole in it! This is very important, beacuse after sewing this last part on, we will need to pull the purse from in to out through it, in order to get its right side outside.

After pulling the purse through the hole you left, it's time to sew it out of sight. Let's do that.

There, no holes. We are nearly finished with this.

In case you got bored with the purse business, you can also use your creation as a weird hat now.


Alright, let's pretend we didn't see that.

Now we attach and sew the zipper (preferably long enough, unlike mine) on the purse and cut away all the possible unnecessary ends of threds that might be hanging around.

And we are ready!
Wheeew, I'm so proud of you!

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