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A Round Headdress -Tutorial

Or to call it just a documentation would be kinder.

Somewhere during the last winter, I found myself with few floating pieces of fabrics, and decided to sew them together into a hair accessory of sorts. So it happened then that I photographed my way through the making of it.
Now I must say, that few things could have been done differently -more cleverly, but since I still had these, I'll share them with you. Don't die laughing over my silly work alright, I don't want your deaths to be my fault.

For in the previous post, didn't I threaten to post a pile of pics? Well, never said what kind of pics, huh? -u-


A Round Headdress

Alright, this is a short tutorial for making a happy accessory for your hair. The tutorial is easy for anyone to complete whether you have done some sewing earlier or not. And still, you can make your headdress look just as complex and mighty as you dare and as your imagination allows!

This might not be the best way to do it and surely not the only one, but in the end you will have something hanging on your head. Mheh.

Alright, first thing to do is to round up the things you are going to need. You won't be needing any extreme amounts of any of them so it's cheap and you might be able to pull it off of any leftovers you might have around from earlier projects.
-Fabric for the base
-Lace for the rim
-Buckram (optional) (hopefully a right word, I have never needed to use this, so it's stright from a dictionary)
-A hair clip (What kind of? What do you have? Any will do, as long as it can keep this on your hair.)
-Something to do a clear round shape & something that will draw it on fabric
-ribbon & things for decoration (optional)
-veil (optional)
- a sewing machine (optional, but it'll make things faster)

First draw a circle on the base fabric. You will need two of these. Cutcut.
If you are going to go pro with this, cut two circles of the same size out of the buckram too.
Attach one buckram circle per one fabric one. Do something to the rims, so they won't try dissambling themselves.

Next step is to fold the rim of both of the circles you now should have.

Now decide which one you want to be the top part and which one the bottom one. Preferably, make the prettier one to be the top one. (No comments of my not-quite-cirlious-circle's roundness!)

Onto the bottom one, attach the hair clip of your choice.

Also if you would like your headdress to have this ribbon you tie under your chin, now is the time to attach it. Make sure your ribbon is long enough and then make it go accross the bottom part and, err, sew it on.

Take the lace or the lace, err, fabric, in which case cut it into long shreds.
(What's the big round circle of fabric under the smaller one?
I made this extra layer, since, err, this is a prototype, and I sort of forgot the buckram myself, ahhaha. You don't need to do these bigger circles, but if you do, they will be the steak of the hamburger. And they don't need to be bigger, really, but I attached the lace on the top part and these looked nice from under it (you can see them in the second last photo). I mention this only here, because I'm not sure if the finished piece is better with or without them, but they aren't necessarity of any kind.)

Now let's attach the lace madness into the bottom part. Round it around the circle and make sure it looks good and then sew it on. Note that the side up in the picture will be in between the layers, and therefore nicely hidden from eyes.

If you wish to have a veil on your headdress, you might wish to place it under the lace. In which case, attach it first, sew, then the lace, sew some more.
(Dammit, why did I have so little photos of this step?)

Now take the top circle and decorate it.
This is the most important thing in the whole progress really: now you will truly make your work look unique, beautiful and detailed. Spend some time thinking and have fun.

The bottom part should have a hair clip, the lace and the veil, while the top part should be decorated prettily. Done? Good, now let's attach those two together.

Having the stitches looking nasty on the top? Take out some more ribbon of your choice and sew it over the earlier rows of stitches.

Done and ready to use!

Sorry for the hand, I was looking hideous -__-.


Whew, next time, I'll try to have better photos and less confusing instructions.

What else? Tomorrow I'll go and hang around in kodona at the centre of the city, brainwashing friends to come and eat ramen with me, and hunting down some christmas presents.

Until the next time~

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  1. geeheee~
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  3. äläs nyt!
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