sunnuntai 5. joulukuuta 2010

A Kodona Day and Other Things

As I threatened before, I indeed lurked last friday in kodona style.
Finally I got to use that striped shirt, which had been waiting for this day to come..!

What happened was me and [satusankari] leaping from shop to shop in the christmas gift quest. I bought nothing but a bagel for myself on that occasion, but I have almost found all the gifts I need already. Just need to buy them still.. ahhaha.

Well anyway, this time I can provide you an outfit photo where you can infact see the shoes too. Ah, luxury.. but the backgrounds are even worse than usually. Ah, well, can't have everything.

Shirt: second-hand/ Jacket: H&M/ Hat: Nitrobabe/ Pants: F+F/ Shoes: Aaltonen

Simple and easy-going.
I forgot to remove my glasses when we were shooting -__-.

Me and satusankari. She is the sweetest rainbow ever~

It was fun to take photos when there was just two of us.
I run to put the camera ready at the window and then ran 5-8m to strike a pose in 10 seconds.
It was fun, expecially when we were trying to get a pic of us hanging on air after a jump..

Weird poses are weird, maybe it runs in the family..


I'm still trying desperately to save up some money in order to buy a new computer. And suprisingly I have managed not to shop like a maniac. For myself. But damn, I'm out of the money again because of the christmas. Oh well, my destiny is to be a poor student. I infact applied for a job, but if I get it.. is still to be seen.

I turned three books in at antiquarian bookshop and left with these two and 1€. As I'm destined to be a poor student, my bookshelves are destined to be overflowing.

And december's ImagineFX found it's way here. This time a really good and interesting issue, I must say. Also it provided me a calendar for the next year. I had been planning to buy Alphonse Mucha's calendar again, but maybe I'll use this since it's now here..

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  1. Geheheh~
    oli kyllä hauskaa juosta ja yrittää tehä joku 'järkevä' pose ennenkun se ottaa kuvan >: D

  2. Indeed. Ne hyppykuvat oli oikein kauniita :').