keskiviikko 15. joulukuuta 2010

Hats & Cute Things

In the burning cold snowfields and the mountains of ice surrounding, following the instinct as the paths have become untraceable, I came upon...

mighty items in Internet~


"At times a visual cacophony of history, nature, beauty, life & death, light & dark [...] Garments that have no place in this time and age [...] Discordant, decadent, elaborate and elegant [...]"

Few words with which Megan Bishop describes her view into her art at her sites, Apatico. She is a maker of wonderfully fancy hats, which you can purchase through the official site's shop or through her [Etsy Shop].

Paypal payments are accepted and she ships worldwide.
Estimated time for order to be completed and shipped is 3-4 weeks, but in her official sites she warns of possible delays that may come with the season (apparently expecially at Halloween).

Wonderful hats, what can I say? See for yourselves:

And this is in for some Ö__os:

Moving on.
Well, it's christmas time, so let's have something light and happy and all that:

[Sugar Bunny Shop]

Whoa, even the name radiates pink color and soap bubbles.

They describe their items as 'cute and unique' and 'insipred by Japanese culture'. Sure summarizes it well up. They have stickers, bags, shirts, earrings, charms etc.

Payments via Paypal or by credit cards, shipping worldwide and shipping costs are based on the weight of your order. Orders are processed within 1-3 days.

(For this link, we thank [satusankari].)


As for me, I'm heading back to Playstation and Lucifer's call.
Time to play!

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