perjantai 17. joulukuuta 2010

For Inspiration

..or simply as an amusement for a while.

"Protective Outerwear" indeed,
[City Rag] -a website of err stuff- featured 20 cool "killer pumps".
Two featured here, for them all, kick [this].


Vivienne Westwood has a blog? Yup, I didn't know it either. But it has been running for two months apparently (I came upon it as I visited her official sites, which, by the way have new looks).
For the blog, head [here].


[EGL at tumblr], featuring "everything Elegant, Gothic and Japanese Fashion".
They seem to gather related photos and pictures all over the Internet: people dressed up, clothes, items, drawn pictures, and oh yes, even some old victorian photos. Yeap. All sorts of things.
Great inspiration. And a very active sites!


As for other things...
My Lucifer's Call disc ran into some sort of mystical error. First it just tilted on me, I checked it, noticed some scratches, gave it for a moment to the boys of a game shop, who erased them pretty much, came home and tried to run it today. My PS2 can't read it at all now. Oh great. Well, my luck the error was in the disc and not in the console, since I managed to find and order a new LC through Internet with 24€. But it's just sad, and traumatic.
(I handle my games with care and love, only playing in a bit too long sessions. Sigh, I wish I knew what exactly happened.)

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