torstai 30. joulukuuta 2010

A Dandy Day and Things

It's been almost a year since I started this blog!
Writing the 61th post here and gotten the 18th reader (welcome~) few days ago.
Whew, I'll try to be worth following through the next year too. *bows*

Aagh! Indoors after 15:00 and it's simply infernal to try and take a photo which would make any sence at all. Awful quality, yes, and to get any better would mean to drag oneself and a camera out into the snow and that poses multiple difficulties. Oh, annoyance.

Anyways, I was a striped dandy this time as I wandered around seeking for.. I wonder what was it this time. Wearing long, stright pants, long vest, black slightly frilled collar shirt and a top hat. And ofcourse some black, clever looking boots. As it was way cold, I also had another jacket on me. A very long, black one with army-kind-of-buttoning.

A lady in a shop selling rims for eye glasses told me I looked "like out of a movie" and "from a totally different time". That gave me some grins and made my evening.

That day I also saved the book you may spot in the photo above (Akateeminen Kirjakauppa, 17.90e).
The black, velvet corset next to it is much older thingy that I spotted from a second-hand shop. Clean and unbroken as it was, I decided to give it a new home~

Then I went on my way to buy some water color brushes (Suomalainen Kirjakauppa, 2-4e each).
Then as I had an acute need for black nail polish, I visited Seppälä and bought Rimmel's bottle of it, and at the same visit those spider earrings tagged along.

Also! I have now a ticket to Sonata Arctica's concert here in Tampere, in April.
(Their concert day is really close to my birthday~)

As the year 2010 is coming to it's last day, it's time for the old wall calendar to retire.
Beautiful thing of which I took two more photos to share with you. The artist, whose works it had, is Alphonse Mucha and I must say I quite adore his art. I once saw some champagne glasses with prints of his works, shame they costed too much for my wallet.

Did I mention that taking outfit shots is infernal when it's not exactly a sunny winter day? Well, just to prove the statement, have this:

...I look like a teacher from some other century, don't I... or then it's EGV?! Just kidding.
Or maybe the camera just hates my face, since it takes relatively good photos of other things.
Oh anyway, that I wore when I went to meet and eat with an old friend. I had a short black vest, a black collar shirt, a big cross and a bow. The skirt I adopted few days ago from my mother, who had bought it somewhere in 80's. It's of a very elegant blue, with pleated rim and a small bow behind. Sorry for the shoelessness in this.

Alright, remember to get the best out of the New Years Eve as well as of the whole new year!

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  1. Vaikka tämä onkin vanha postaus niin pakko kommentoida :D Oon menossa samalle Sonnan keikalle hahhaaa! :-)