keskiviikko 29. joulukuuta 2010

Breaking The Silence...

... without violence.

Ahm, just making a fast note, since, I quess, I sort of didn't do that, err, as the christmas was. So, I hope you all had very enjoyable holidays.

Also! I was supposed to mention this in the supposed christmas post, but since I never made one, I'll mention it here.
Use gift bags and other recyclable packing methods (not only when it's christmas, but do think about all those piles of paper, tape, etc that serve their purpose in such a small lifespan -just few day or few hours). They look mighty nice, and who wouldn't want to save the World when it's easy, huh?
Alright, green talk aside. It's logical. As I'm (in)famous of this, have an example:

None of those was new this year (alright, the small red box came when I bought some earrings for myself one year, the lady was so fast that I didn't have time to mention that I don't need it packed..).
(But it might be polite to remember not to give the giftbag back to the person you got it from.)

A pile of things with which my family and friends remembered me this year (though err there was some nightwear too, but I was wearing it at the time of this photo). Cute things, cuter people.

Also, I recorded a piano piece in order to be able to use it as a christmas card here for you, but there was an accident.. better luck next time -__-'.


As for other things,
I finished Kuroshitsuji II and started Sayounara Zetsubou Sensei. Got the new Lucifer's Call, but wondering whether to continue it or Dark Chronicle (aka Dark Cloud 2) which I played while waiting LC to come home. Watched Joulutarina ("Christmas Tale", what was that ending?), Savage Islands (PotC's ancestor?), Cassandra's Dream (boring and angsty) and El Coronado (entertaining).
Finished The Giant Book of Classic Chillers in which Guy de Maupassant's novel The Horla expecially stays in my memory as something very interesting. Also read through Classic Victorian & Edwardian Ghost Stories and now on middle of The Wizard of London by Mercedes Lackey.

My holidays have always included some reading business and I live in hope that I'll get to finish a fourth book before the studying continues.

Something red, the season's color, wasn't it?
(Alright, that's one old pic, from the day I went to see Inro at Vapriikki, but..)

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