torstai 30. joulukuuta 2010

A Dandy Day and Things

It's been almost a year since I started this blog!
Writing the 61th post here and gotten the 18th reader (welcome~) few days ago.
Whew, I'll try to be worth following through the next year too. *bows*

Aagh! Indoors after 15:00 and it's simply infernal to try and take a photo which would make any sence at all. Awful quality, yes, and to get any better would mean to drag oneself and a camera out into the snow and that poses multiple difficulties. Oh, annoyance.

Anyways, I was a striped dandy this time as I wandered around seeking for.. I wonder what was it this time. Wearing long, stright pants, long vest, black slightly frilled collar shirt and a top hat. And ofcourse some black, clever looking boots. As it was way cold, I also had another jacket on me. A very long, black one with army-kind-of-buttoning.

A lady in a shop selling rims for eye glasses told me I looked "like out of a movie" and "from a totally different time". That gave me some grins and made my evening.

That day I also saved the book you may spot in the photo above (Akateeminen Kirjakauppa, 17.90e).
The black, velvet corset next to it is much older thingy that I spotted from a second-hand shop. Clean and unbroken as it was, I decided to give it a new home~

Then I went on my way to buy some water color brushes (Suomalainen Kirjakauppa, 2-4e each).
Then as I had an acute need for black nail polish, I visited Seppälä and bought Rimmel's bottle of it, and at the same visit those spider earrings tagged along.

Also! I have now a ticket to Sonata Arctica's concert here in Tampere, in April.
(Their concert day is really close to my birthday~)

As the year 2010 is coming to it's last day, it's time for the old wall calendar to retire.
Beautiful thing of which I took two more photos to share with you. The artist, whose works it had, is Alphonse Mucha and I must say I quite adore his art. I once saw some champagne glasses with prints of his works, shame they costed too much for my wallet.

Did I mention that taking outfit shots is infernal when it's not exactly a sunny winter day? Well, just to prove the statement, have this:

...I look like a teacher from some other century, don't I... or then it's EGV?! Just kidding.
Or maybe the camera just hates my face, since it takes relatively good photos of other things.
Oh anyway, that I wore when I went to meet and eat with an old friend. I had a short black vest, a black collar shirt, a big cross and a bow. The skirt I adopted few days ago from my mother, who had bought it somewhere in 80's. It's of a very elegant blue, with pleated rim and a small bow behind. Sorry for the shoelessness in this.

Alright, remember to get the best out of the New Years Eve as well as of the whole new year!

keskiviikko 29. joulukuuta 2010

Breaking The Silence...

... without violence.

Ahm, just making a fast note, since, I quess, I sort of didn't do that, err, as the christmas was. So, I hope you all had very enjoyable holidays.

Also! I was supposed to mention this in the supposed christmas post, but since I never made one, I'll mention it here.
Use gift bags and other recyclable packing methods (not only when it's christmas, but do think about all those piles of paper, tape, etc that serve their purpose in such a small lifespan -just few day or few hours). They look mighty nice, and who wouldn't want to save the World when it's easy, huh?
Alright, green talk aside. It's logical. As I'm (in)famous of this, have an example:

None of those was new this year (alright, the small red box came when I bought some earrings for myself one year, the lady was so fast that I didn't have time to mention that I don't need it packed..).
(But it might be polite to remember not to give the giftbag back to the person you got it from.)

A pile of things with which my family and friends remembered me this year (though err there was some nightwear too, but I was wearing it at the time of this photo). Cute things, cuter people.

Also, I recorded a piano piece in order to be able to use it as a christmas card here for you, but there was an accident.. better luck next time -__-'.


As for other things,
I finished Kuroshitsuji II and started Sayounara Zetsubou Sensei. Got the new Lucifer's Call, but wondering whether to continue it or Dark Chronicle (aka Dark Cloud 2) which I played while waiting LC to come home. Watched Joulutarina ("Christmas Tale", what was that ending?), Savage Islands (PotC's ancestor?), Cassandra's Dream (boring and angsty) and El Coronado (entertaining).
Finished The Giant Book of Classic Chillers in which Guy de Maupassant's novel The Horla expecially stays in my memory as something very interesting. Also read through Classic Victorian & Edwardian Ghost Stories and now on middle of The Wizard of London by Mercedes Lackey.

My holidays have always included some reading business and I live in hope that I'll get to finish a fourth book before the studying continues.

Something red, the season's color, wasn't it?
(Alright, that's one old pic, from the day I went to see Inro at Vapriikki, but..)

perjantai 17. joulukuuta 2010

For Inspiration

..or simply as an amusement for a while.

"Protective Outerwear" indeed,
[City Rag] -a website of err stuff- featured 20 cool "killer pumps".
Two featured here, for them all, kick [this].


Vivienne Westwood has a blog? Yup, I didn't know it either. But it has been running for two months apparently (I came upon it as I visited her official sites, which, by the way have new looks).
For the blog, head [here].


[EGL at tumblr], featuring "everything Elegant, Gothic and Japanese Fashion".
They seem to gather related photos and pictures all over the Internet: people dressed up, clothes, items, drawn pictures, and oh yes, even some old victorian photos. Yeap. All sorts of things.
Great inspiration. And a very active sites!


As for other things...
My Lucifer's Call disc ran into some sort of mystical error. First it just tilted on me, I checked it, noticed some scratches, gave it for a moment to the boys of a game shop, who erased them pretty much, came home and tried to run it today. My PS2 can't read it at all now. Oh great. Well, my luck the error was in the disc and not in the console, since I managed to find and order a new LC through Internet with 24€. But it's just sad, and traumatic.
(I handle my games with care and love, only playing in a bit too long sessions. Sigh, I wish I knew what exactly happened.)

keskiviikko 15. joulukuuta 2010

Hats & Cute Things

In the burning cold snowfields and the mountains of ice surrounding, following the instinct as the paths have become untraceable, I came upon...

mighty items in Internet~


"At times a visual cacophony of history, nature, beauty, life & death, light & dark [...] Garments that have no place in this time and age [...] Discordant, decadent, elaborate and elegant [...]"

Few words with which Megan Bishop describes her view into her art at her sites, Apatico. She is a maker of wonderfully fancy hats, which you can purchase through the official site's shop or through her [Etsy Shop].

Paypal payments are accepted and she ships worldwide.
Estimated time for order to be completed and shipped is 3-4 weeks, but in her official sites she warns of possible delays that may come with the season (apparently expecially at Halloween).

Wonderful hats, what can I say? See for yourselves:

And this is in for some Ö__os:

Moving on.
Well, it's christmas time, so let's have something light and happy and all that:

[Sugar Bunny Shop]

Whoa, even the name radiates pink color and soap bubbles.

They describe their items as 'cute and unique' and 'insipred by Japanese culture'. Sure summarizes it well up. They have stickers, bags, shirts, earrings, charms etc.

Payments via Paypal or by credit cards, shipping worldwide and shipping costs are based on the weight of your order. Orders are processed within 1-3 days.

(For this link, we thank [satusankari].)


As for me, I'm heading back to Playstation and Lucifer's call.
Time to play!

perjantai 10. joulukuuta 2010


Inrō - A Key to the World of Samurai

"A kimono has no pockets. Therefore, in ancient Japan, coins, medicines, personal seals, and other small items were carried in a small container worn on the belt. For this purpose, well-dressed japanese gentlemen commissioned inrō, lavishly decorated lacquered containers. As an item of fashion, the inrō reflected its owner's wealth, personality, style and taste."

This beautiful exhibiton is taking place in Museum Centre Vapriikki, in Tampere, Finland. They have managed to get a hold of 205 inrōs from the Japan's Edo period (1603-1868), plus a section of other related things. For the official sites of the exhibiton at Vapriikki, head here: [finnish], [english].

The tickets are as follows:
7€ adults
2€ children (7 - 16 years), students
6€ pensioners, unemployed, members of groups (more than 10 persons)

22.4.2010 - 9.1.2011
Which means, hurry up!

Definitely worth every euro it costs and more. And if you happen to visit Vapriikki at friday after 15:00, you get in for free (at least for the time being). Oh, and by buying a ticket to see this, you get to see also the other exhibitons held at the same time.

At this big picture above the original ones presents five inrōs, of which the second from left was immediately one of my favorites.

Some cuties hanging behind a glass.

This was the most popular shape of the inrōs present. The sizes of these containers is that of a small camera, that is, smaller than your hand propably, that is, around 10cm in length. Some a bit bigger, some a bit smaller, but you get the idea.

A quite popular shape too.

Oh, so that's how a dandy dresses up! Now must head to a loli/aristo/younameit meet up right away, as a dandy..!

Alright, back to the business..

An inrō that has the island of life pictured upon it. Symbols of long life, like long tailed tortoises on it. (Where? Prolly on the other side, but that's what the text under it told me.)

Inrō which includes miniature lunch boxes, mad details.

In the inrō on the left: japanese storm god.
The one on the right: a lady wearing kimono, waiting a visitor.

This one was supposedly an inrō of a woman. But that had a question mark after it, so who knows?

Gold looks good on the black wood, yes?

.. so that's why those colors were seen in many of these.

An inrō of a samurai.
Mon, a family emblem on it.

A round shaped box which looks like a modern bowder container.

One of the inrōs that were most madly detailed. Every layer is having its own theme, while those layers were about 1x7cm. Just click on the photos to see them better.

A box that glitters. A bit different shape again.

The inrō that has its picture on the flayers of the exhibition. Amazing once again. Love to the dramatic colors. (I'd wear that anyday.)

The themes on the inrōs come from everything. From nature, mythology, stories, daily life...
There was infact one dancing rabbit in one of these...

The king of details.
"A map of Kiyoto's and its surroundings' 73 well known attractions. Names of those places are written on 6mm high golden (togidashi) nameflag." From the end of 1700's, before the year 1790.

The weirdos.
The ball is made of a bone of something, which's name escapes me.
The middle one is a pen disguised as a gun or a gun disguised as a pen.
The third one is a clock, which, yes, seemed to tick even today.

An old book of some inrō-making-master. It has themes drawn on it, which then later are pictured on inrōs. The inrō on the pic has it's theme on the page on the right.

Nowdays the inrōs of the old fashion are done only on specific cases, mostly only to wealthy collectors. But their shapes are familiar to the modern products as you can see. And you can often buy a plastic one as a souvenier at the castle sites.

But see the number five? The red thing is a clock, and the text concerning it told me that insted of the traditional BEEEB or RIIING, there comes a voice of a japanese man (which the text described as 'a growling samurai voice'), shouting "GET UP AND DO SOMETHING!"
Ah, that'd be a cool one too..

There we have few of the cuties, but if you visit the exhibition itself, you will see many more.
And the pictures can't quite bring you the real amaze they emit.

sunnuntai 5. joulukuuta 2010

A Kodona Day and Other Things

As I threatened before, I indeed lurked last friday in kodona style.
Finally I got to use that striped shirt, which had been waiting for this day to come..!

What happened was me and [satusankari] leaping from shop to shop in the christmas gift quest. I bought nothing but a bagel for myself on that occasion, but I have almost found all the gifts I need already. Just need to buy them still.. ahhaha.

Well anyway, this time I can provide you an outfit photo where you can infact see the shoes too. Ah, luxury.. but the backgrounds are even worse than usually. Ah, well, can't have everything.

Shirt: second-hand/ Jacket: H&M/ Hat: Nitrobabe/ Pants: F+F/ Shoes: Aaltonen

Simple and easy-going.
I forgot to remove my glasses when we were shooting -__-.

Me and satusankari. She is the sweetest rainbow ever~

It was fun to take photos when there was just two of us.
I run to put the camera ready at the window and then ran 5-8m to strike a pose in 10 seconds.
It was fun, expecially when we were trying to get a pic of us hanging on air after a jump..

Weird poses are weird, maybe it runs in the family..


I'm still trying desperately to save up some money in order to buy a new computer. And suprisingly I have managed not to shop like a maniac. For myself. But damn, I'm out of the money again because of the christmas. Oh well, my destiny is to be a poor student. I infact applied for a job, but if I get it.. is still to be seen.

I turned three books in at antiquarian bookshop and left with these two and 1€. As I'm destined to be a poor student, my bookshelves are destined to be overflowing.

And december's ImagineFX found it's way here. This time a really good and interesting issue, I must say. Also it provided me a calendar for the next year. I had been planning to buy Alphonse Mucha's calendar again, but maybe I'll use this since it's now here..