lauantai 20. marraskuuta 2010

Where Does All That Stuff Come From?

Hullo again.

I might have come to posses one or two new things, quite accidently. Or less accidently. But at least I can be proud to tell you that some of these are from at least a month back!

That is, I have been trying really hard not to buy anything. My com isn't quite feeling well and therefore, I'm about to need to buy a new one. And that's not going to be a cheap purchase. (Though, Xbox 360 is calling me.. I'm afraid I can't stay away from that temptation for much longer. Oh, poor MMM funds that I have been collecting! I'm afraid a new com is more important.)

Uh, well, here we go..

A Jareth/Labyrinth fan shirt from eBay. Damn it's of a small size, where were my eyes that night..

A pair of good quality "leather" gloves from Aleksi13 and lowered prices. I found them very fitting and practical addition to simple aristo. Kept my fingers warm in the autumn's meet-up.

This cutie is from a shop which's name I fail to remember. It cost about 7,90€ and the black coloring on the handle fell off the first time I used it. Now it has some black nail polish on it. Still cute.

Mheh, pink.
This one is from GinaTricot, about 17€. My mom was a sweetie and bought it for me ;). Gotta love the skulls.

This men's jacket was saved from a second hand place with 5€. It's as good as new.
Have a close-up:

Cool interiors and a small bat over the pocket. Love to the details.

The fishnet shirt bought through Huuto, 7€ I guess (and damn, this is the last time I buy any S sized shirts from Internet! It's really a game of luck whether they are good or not).
The jacket from a second hand shop with 2,50€, the patch attached later.
The belt from a second hand shop with 1€. (My old belt got lost, I wonder how did that happen..)

This one I bought from NitroBabe with 10€ (pricy, I know, but I was feeling lightheaded, and it was so cute). It's pretty big pic IRL. Attached to the jacket in the pic above this one.

Two skull bracelets from Europe House ending sales. Costed together something between 7 and 8€. When attached together they make a really nice necklace.

Also! I bought a black lipstick from Backstreet and what a mistake that was. I was so disappointed that I think I'll complane about it in a new post completely.


There really is way too many nice things. And I truly have way too little self control when it comes to collecting them. I'm a little ashamed but quite content.
And it's way dark to try taking any proper outfit shots. No faces on this post :p.

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