perjantai 19. marraskuuta 2010

A Post

I just had to drop by to throw this in:

(Thanks for the link [Miss K]!)
Alexander McQueen's dress in the new Potter movie?!
(Yup, movie checked, I trust the last part to be better. Let's leave that there.)


I'll be soon back with a proper post.

I have been stalking biddable items, but not going after any of them. I really was about to, but forgot on a critical day..
(Also, there is one person in Huuto who seems to like the same items I do, it feels a bit weird and makes me feel uneasy when supposed to really bid on same item. Especially since one day here, I found her blog.. >__>. Now I'm even more on unease about bidding with her. Let's hope we just won't happen to go after the same things anymore.)

Umm, what else? I'm not about to gameflame here, since I do that in LJ, but I finished Suikoden and started this:

The game is also known as Nocturne. Gaming is love.

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