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Johnny Hollow

I must say, that when you try to do many things at the same time, indeed, you get hardly anything done in the end. That's why I wrote a list of things, for it becomes something like a game when trying to get every to-do marked as done.

But I wonder how then am I writing here, when this surely wasn't written down on that list of mine?


Johnny Hollow

The band in question was formed in 2001, somewhere in Canada.
It's line-up goes as follows: singer Janine White, digital artist Vincent Marcone, cellist Kitty Thompson and guitarist Steve Heihn.
JH was brought together as Marcone, a digital artist, asked White to bring sounds to his websites, [My Pet Skeleton]. Things lead to other things, and soon they got lot's of people encouraging them to create more music.

The genre is described in wikipedia as: dark wave, experimental, ambient, altrock. In Myspace it says: gothic, ambient and electronica. And that all supposedly means JH. Ah, genres, where would we be without you? In chaos?
I also found few people describing them as 'steampunk sounded' and 'creepy'. As for what I could add to this all: I find their music interesting, relaxing, dreamy, good with candles and evening. Dark and melancholy, fun and also catchy. Mixing this and that and making it work. Love to the cello's sounds~

Find more:
[Official sites] (with wonderful looks)

Here two of their songs:

And a wonderful cover by them:

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