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Tampere 23.10.2010 Meetupthing

Oh my, I must confess, I have been so absorbed into gaming Suikoden V that I might have sort of been rather absent from the com. (Or, if I was on com, it was to check important things, walkthroughs or to continue Trueblood marat-.. forget the last one.)
But now, it's time for a bit of updating!


The 23th of this month I attended a meetup of [Enfant Terrible]. I was slightly anxious about it, for I hadn't taken part in any of their gatherings before, but I did enjoy it in the end. Very nice and very, very pretty people. It was great to be able to spend time with them all ~.

(Even though I had been up at 3:00 last night, first at a friend's place and after that in a bar, I was feeling rather alive. Lucky thing, I was a driver that night, huh. But: I wasn't tired until after 15:00. Then I was really tired. At the evening I still needed to head to a good-bye party of one friend leaving to China for few months. But I had the day marked wrong, and ended up heading home rather soon after leaving... .. ... ...)

Here is some photos from the meet-thing, anyway. I didn't have a camera on me, so these surely aren't taken by me.

Almost the whole group, except the ones behind the cameras.

Somewhere on the coblestones of epic Pyynikki.

An epic pic, featuring me and wonderful [Aristosa], taken by Rosemaria.
(Few minutes later some sporty person stepped on my glasses, which ended up so bad a mess, I couldn't wear them anymore. I visited some store on the way and a man there managed to tweak them back in shape. Thank goodness, I wouldn't have had money to go and buy new ones.)
(The glasses were off my face for I firmly believe that I look clumsy in pics with them. Not as bad as me with a wide smile though, which looks downright horrible in pics and IRL. Sad, since I have a habit of grinning a lot.)

Alright, get a pair of contact lenses.
And I got a bit creative with the collarstuff, blame the early morning. A necktie? Not quite, but it does look like one.. I mostly have tied that into a bow of sorts, but now I felt like needing something more.. classy.
Hat: secondhand // shirt: selfmade // jacket: F+F // jewelry: gifts // pants: Seppälä

Oh, as a new thing, which you might have spotted in the pics: I cut myself a forelock (hmm, needed to check that one from dictionary, rare..) few days before. It's not too stright though, but what to except when you are using scissors with blades of 10cm. Ahhaha. We shall take care of it.. A "lively" line, now isn't that nice.
But it fits this style and the others suprisingly well. I also like the "sideburns", though they need a bit more hairwax and hairspray to stay in order.


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