perjantai 1. lokakuuta 2010

Shopping And A Letter From Ireland

You can tell I'm not ill anymore when I'm energetic enough to go through all the biggest of the local secondhand shops. Ha-haa!

Apocalyptica's Inquisition Symphony (Harmageddon and Nothing Else Matters ~~) 1€,
Sandman: Book of Dreams - Neil Gaiman 2€,
Classical Victorian and Edwardian Ghost Stories - Rex Collings 1€.

A shirt that's a liiittle bit too girly for me 3€, but lucky me, I can brainwash my sister, who is cute and don't really priciate my attemps of turning her into sweet lolita which I marvellously ignore.
A black skirt with many layers 2€ (I just wish it was a little bit longer though).


Also there was a wonderful little envelope waiting me this one day here. Miss K, who is making Ireland a bit prettier place by her presence, sent me a greeting through the traditional mail. I was very thrilled of the fact that there was a good, old fashioned letter there too. And a card. Also, she seemed to have robbed a jewellery shop and making me a companion in crime... I have told to spend less, love *heart*.The Letter and the card, a hairband with camee, a camee necklace and a birdcage necklace with a bird inside of it. She knows I think camees and birdcages are pretty.

..what do you think when you see accessories with these features?
Well, I think of.....

Poodles!!Say "hi" to lady Saga. Fits her perfectly, now doesn't it? How come I feel like she didn't quite appreciate my idea..

Also these two are from miss K. I love them both. Silky black feathers, so beautiful~ Now just to decide whether to use it on my hair or perhaps to attach it to one of my hats..?

Also an awkward photo of me being sloppy and normal. But having dreads tied on my hair for the weekend. They are heavy but it boosts my ego to have long hair now and then ohhoho.
Yeah, a friday evening after training with our band. I apparently have some extra energy.

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