torstai 7. lokakuuta 2010

Le Shöp Lingerö

Ah, today morning, there was a package in the mail box~
(Have a stock photo, I had already packed them safely to safe place before finding cameras.)

(And how do you put two pics next to themothers here? Hrhm.)

Shame, you can't see the details on the jacket, but I'll try to remember to take a photo or two of them in some point.
The shoulder parts were a biit too poofy, and the fabric quite... shiny. But, I'm sure we will get along in some happy concert or festival or just happy rainy day when I happen to feel a bit like looking decent. (Yes, a rainy day, those and big boots and umbarella, ohhoho.)
But, it was like pinstripes, and kinda cool shape and the lacing in the sleeves and the back were just great.
(But it shines so much, I can't help but think about raincoats and rain 8D.)

Bought through:

[gunmetal klothing]
Located in US, accepts PayPal.
Lots of Lip Service clothing, and shoes from the well known gothic brands like Demonia and Funtasma.
They have over 4000 feedbacks left by customers, of which 99.8% is positive. And the ones I left were too. Answered fast to questions, kept me well informed and shipped fast (and the items arrived fast to Finland). Even though I was warned it might take a bit longer than usual, for they were send from the second warehouse, I got my hands on the package in hardly two weeks.
Ships worldwide, combines shippings and by purchasing from them you support rescued animals.

Few shoes that jumped at my eyes:

Whose-blood-is-that-anyway aka Not-my-blood aka Halloween is coming.
Also in black-red, also as flats.

Alright, no one is walking with those.

And as for shoes, you don't walk with:

Also in black (you didn't quess..) and red (

The shoes I was hoping they would have were pinstriped creepers (ah, pinstripes). But there was no right size.

But I wouldn't mind these in my collection though. But I do mind the price, about $71.99. And Demonia.. the sole would prolly drop off in half a year *cough*.


Have some wonderful music by E Nomine.
There is some talk in start, listen longer than that.
Oh, and check other songs too~

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