perjantai 1. lokakuuta 2010

Gothic Print Art

And there we went again, through the hazzy, wild jungle of untamed links, finding some inspiring creations of...

Gothic images: graveyards, tomb stones, crows, churches..
Pretty pictures in a gothic way.

My favorite from this seller: a crow print on a page of book The Haunted Palace A Life Of Edgar Allan Poe .

[Golden Rococoo]
Pretty prints on pages of an antique book. (Poor, ol' book, but at least it's still beautiful!)
Oh, and this seller apparently offers free shipping worldwide. And buy four prints, get two for free. Anyone in for a print or two? >u>

(A dead man's chest indeed, mheh.)

Beautiful vintage artprints. Buy one, get one free.

[Jack & Cat Curio]
Some more vintage/vaudeville/younameit art prints.

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