maanantai 11. lokakuuta 2010

Get Ready For Halloween: Jewelry

Is it just me, or is the leaves dropping from the trees way too fast?
I swear, they started turning yellow but few weeks ago.. I wish they would have hanged on the branches of the trees a bit longer, for yellow-red trees sure are quite pretty.


Ah, but it's the month of Halloween, yes? And halloween means zombies (among other things), and zombies mean braains~

Yes, a very clever text on a plate, best served cold, by
Free shipping everywhere, they say and have 100% positive feedback.
The plates come with different texts. Also making custom items.

..No, I don't. I mean, slow, rotting corpses with no mind for more that braaainss~. And you can hack them into pieces and they still come after you. You can burn them, but you can't be quite sure that the ash from them ain't being suspiciously clingy on you and slowly grawling to have a closer contact with your braaains~.

Alright, moving on.

[Beat Black]
100% positive feedback, PayPal accepted.
Apparently open for custom orders and has the possibility of international shipping.

....brains, I won't even say more.
Also having lots of jewelry with the same material and mood.

A song fitting the subject:


As for the other things, I signed up for a meet up of [Enfant Terrible].
Haven't attended their meetings before. I'm quite sure it will be nice, but nevertheless I'm a bit anxious about it. The biggest problem will propably be to decide what to wear, mheh.

Also, I watched a vampire movie.
I was wandering in the wide cold waste lands of Internet, ending for a reason or another in Wikipedia, checking out which movies David Bowie has been in. And then there was this
[The Hunger],
which apparently is a classic vampire movie -which I only recall hearing of once or twice before. Alright, the word 'classic' made me get a hold of it and watch it over (oh, maybe the 'vampires' and 'David Bowie' had something to do with it, but 'classic', there is no word like.. and moving on).

Oh, well, the special effects and the music really give away the fibe of 1980 movies. Old, but that could be forgiven, since even older movies can really overwhelm the viewer. Sadly there is something in the directing that I really didn't like. The plot has some weaknesses as well, leaving gaps of the size of a hippo (the movie is a loose adaption of a novel by same name, and we know lot's of movies based on books and having major issues with including the important things, don't we). It had few interesting points, like the relationship between John and Miriam, and the illness that John has. But in the end: not for me, a classic or not.

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