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Get Ready For Halloween: Games

Oh, you just won't believe how easily I forget my passwords to every possible site. Then I end up rummaging through every possible of ones I usually use, and then I might just realize that the nick was wrong from the beginning..


Alright, what to do at halloween? To party, to watch movies, to read books, to play tricks on some poor fellow? Or to play a game, and a game that doesn't need any electricity that is. Yes, you can play them on candle light, but be careful of how you place those little flames..

Lunch Money

"It's a lot like a real fight -- only without all that slippery blood."

It's a card game in which you 'beat up' the other players (2-4), and the last one having some healhty points is the winner. Pretty simple? Not quite, it has been said that you need to remember what each card does to get the game run smoothly, and the cards ain't exactly helping in remembering, for they don't pose any stright instructions.

But the cards themselves, now they fit the mood of halloween quite nicely: the pictures are quite unsettling, having mostly kids on them (and the story in the game is that the kids are fighting over the lunch money amongs them) in old looking hazzy photos and also having some lines ('humorous' and 'creepy' they are described) written on them.

The game has also an expansion Sticks and Stones as well as a sequel/expansion Beer Money.
Lunch money also won The Origins Award of The Best Card Game of 1996.

For more information head to:
[Atlus Games]


"(...) some say that one's reward in the afterlife is based on the misery endured in life."

Unlike the other games where you want bad things to happen to other players, in Gloom you try to make your own characters' lives as miserable as possible and your opponents characters' as happy as possible. That is by getting your fingers burnt in a toaster and theirs to bear rings of happy marriage.

This game also is a card game, having interesting transparent cards and drawn, gothic illustrations. For 2-4 players.

Gloom won Origins Award of The Best Traditional Card Game of 2005 and has many expansions (like Unhappy Homes and Unwelcome Guests).

For more info head to:
[Atlus Games]


Making an entry about games fitting for halloween reminded me of this old, old game I played as a little child. I saw it in a market once, few weeks before christmas, and got all exited about all the characters and illustrations. Immediately as I got home I told all my best friends about it as well as I could remember, and for many days we played to be characters from it (yes, you can tell, your kids are going to grow just right when they play outside in snow castle for hours to be talking human skulls...). And I was one hyper happy kid as the 24th of the december arrived and I found the game from under the gift wrappings.

The game's name in finnish is Kauhukartano (brought to Finland by Oy Kirjalito Ab, 1997) and in english
Creepy Towers.
Apparently there isn't any sites in finnish about it, but with a bit of work I did manage to dig up some english ones.

The box's copyrights belong to Joshua Morris Publishing Inc (1995), which is known of publishing children's books. In [JacketFlap] it says:
"This very special haunted house is packed with hours of ghoulish good times, as kids read Creepy Towers, stare down laughing skulls, play the ghastly gruesome card game "Screech," open Boo's pop-up coffin, and try to game play their escape from this happily haunted house. Includes light-activated laughing skull, two rubber creatures, jigsaw puzzle, and cards. Full color."

Yeah, in short, including anything a kid could hope for, huh? Well, I remember being most drawn into the world I saw in it due the very detailed looks: there was something lurking in every corner of the drawn little mansion. For the more adult audience, it's not challenging game (the cards nor the board game nor the puzzle), but a bit of nostalgy allowed now..

And! you can infact still buy it's english version through Amazon. Click [this] to get to the item.

To find any pics of this... well, even the Amazon's sales pic was a bit pixeled, so I took few photos of the finnish version that I still own.

( Now that's a pass time activity fitting for kids, muahhahhah. Not that I have anything against My Little Ponies (infact, I like the cool, customed ones, though I have only seen them in pics), but Teletubbies... I loathe to no end, URGH.)

(And here lies the puzzle.)

(Note the ivory-white bone dices. The details are always important.)

(Do not try this at home.)

Ah, the nostalgy...
But the Lunch Money and Gloom (as well as the expansions for both) can be easily found. For example, you can put their names on sreach in [Ebay].
(The finnish people may prefer to get them through [Puolenkuun Pelit], but that will pay you a bit more. Also, last summer, I saw Lunch Money IRL in Helsinki's [Fantasiapelit].)

Now, I shall depart, my beloved ones.

Yours truly

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  1. Gloom can also be found in Fantasiapelit. I've been drooling over it for weeks now :D

  2. Oh, I wish they had one here in Tampere's FP too, I'd go and give it a closer poke. And after a check: LM and Gloom both are on their sites and they'd prolly be able to ship them faster than PP..
    If you buy it, you just have to tell me whether it's a good game or not~~ 8D

  3. ohoho~
    eikun pelaamaan sitten halloweeninä : D
    (kauhu kartano on hot peli xD)

  4. No niin on ja aika hot yhdyssana kanssa xDD.
    Pelataan /u/ (Soulcaliburia >__>).