tiistai 21. syyskuuta 2010

Once More and With a Feeling

Alright, I rewrote my tags. They were so messy and unlogical and difficult.
So now
LINKS stands for, well all linking outside the blog
SHOPPING shows how I have managed to lose all of my money
SEWING ...I'll leave that to your imagination
JUST WEIRD means there is some random babble, report, happenings or my face. Maybe I should put a tag of it's own for outfit shots.. I'll think about that but not tonight, brainfunctioning is 5%.

I wonder if there was some other tags... I might have forgotten. In few posts the Blogger didn't let me chance the tags. Whined about broken codes and things inside the post, so I just left them be whatever they were. Sad.


Oh, and I'm selling few things in Huuto.net again. Help me get rid of this stuff!
(If you don't want to use huuto but want something, we can talk about it if no one is bidding at the moment.)

Sorry for the lightning of Doom in the pics. It doesn't quite flatter the items, now does it..

[Underground England shoes], size 39, starting price 10€, buy immediately price at 20€.

[H&M shirt with lace & victorianish collar], size 34, buy immediately price 4€.

[Puffysleeved, quite long dress], size S-M, buy immediately price 3€.

[Poizen Industries dress with accessories], size S, price starts from 34€, buy immediately price at 40€.
(I infact never used it, and managed to get my cutie sister inside it only once, too short for her legs, she said *grumble*. One of the wolf's hour buyings, I believe..)

In Huuto you can read more info of every item (in case finnish isn't a problem :p).
I add stuff in Huuto quite often. If the stuff is more "basic", I'm not going to mention them here, but the list of everything should be found by clicking [this] later too.

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